An Underground Female Mafia Surfaces In 'Butterflies Wake'-...

An Underground Female Mafia Surfaces In 'Butterflies Wake'-...

The highly anticipated novel, "Butterflies Wake" by Arlene Lagos, about an underground female mafia who rights the wrongs of an unjust society launches today, in this gripping story of everyday women taking matters into their own hands where the justice system has failed.

For many years they have worked quietly and gone unnoticed by the world in which they live, until one of them goes missing. The wrong people start asking questions and before they know it, they are in danger of being exposed. How will they save one of their own without putting their organization in danger? Will they be able to remain a secret?

Along with the book, Lagos has put together a photo campaign titled, "The Butterfly Project" depicting vigilante women in positions of power, in an effort to go up against the mainstream depictions of women as victims of a domestically violent and rape-excused culture.

"For a fiction novel it seems to hit home, with many women asking me, is it real? If so, can I join?" Lagos says.

Lagos has written poetry, stage plays, screenplays and short stories for over 20 years. In addition to writing Butterflies Wake, she's also written the Beyond Earth Series, as well as twelve short stories that are published in the Giant Tales anthology. Lagos currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband and their daughter.

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