All Online Sales of Sales of Secrets of an Old Typewriter to Benefit Symphony Animal Foundation, 12/6-9

In the spirit of the holidays, publisher Open Books will be holding a special charity drive in honor of Hoosier author Susie Duncan Sexton's paperback release Secrets of an Old Typewriter. Open Books will donate $1 to the Symphony Animal Foundation for every copy sold online between December 6 and 9 on all sites ( Sexton, an ardent animal rights proponent dedicates a section of the book to the important role that animals and animal rescue have played in her life. Secrets of an Old Typewriter (ISBN 9781452414003) was released in paperback in early September. The prior year, the book was released in a digital edition for all eReaders including Kindle and Nook.

Sexton remarked, "Animals are my heart and soul. Plain and simple. I am thrilled that my book is resonating so well with fellow animal lovers, and I am so grateful that we can do something with the book to help educate and support our animal friends."

Symphony Animal Foundation (SAF) was founded by Laraine Russo Harper and was inspired by and is named in memory of her two St. Bernards, "Beethoven" and "Mozart". Beethoven worked as a therapy dog for 8 years,and passed at the age of 14 1/2 years. Mozart died of bone cancer at age of 11. Symphony Animal Foundation is a no kill facility which provides a safe haven for all animals.

Sexton added, "How about adopting at least one kitten or puppy or dog or cat from your local shelter? Let us empty the cages and help to stop this crisis...let us change from a disposable society to a nurturing culture respecting all life. Please adopt a shelter pet this matter who or where you are...what a difference such a loving action could make for all concerned!"<

SAF board member Bob Wannberg commented, "This is so very appreciated! Our five acre facility just opened, and we should be able to handle at least 100 animals or so. Our ten acre permanent facility has pads already down; we already have horses at the five acre, one-year lease facility; and someone is living on the property full-time. This will help us tremendously as we need food, supplies, etc... what we had has been greatly diminished because of taking care of our fosters. We also are very short on spay/neuter. This support and awareness mean the world to us!"

Open Books publisher David Ross noted, "We are thrilled to be part of this effort, and I would add that Susie's book is perfect for gift-giving. She covers the waterfront from classic film to Baby Boomer nostalgia to small-town American life to politics and celebrities as well as her first love: animal rights. This book of essays is fun reading for all!"

To participate in this event, order Secrets of an Old Typewriter in paperback from any online retailer between December 6 and 9. At the conclusion of the event, Open Books will tally the books sold during that period and send a contribution to the Symphony Animal Foundation. The gift will be made in memory of Bob's late brother, the Los Angeles-based poet Scott Wannberg.