A LOVE & BEYOND Wins 2016 Best Book Award

Author Dan Sofer's debut novel, "A Love and Beyond," (http://hyperurl.co/alab) has won the 2016 Best Book Award (for the category of Religious Fiction).

ESRA Magazine has compared the novel favorably with Dan Brown's bestselling "Da Vinci Code." Sofer's novel adds a unique Jewish twist to the conspiracy theory and thriller genres.

In addition to delving into the history and mysteries of the City of David and the Dead Sea Scrolls, "A Love and Beyond" also explores the Jerusalem singles' scene of young English-speaking immigrants and adds an element of magical realism.

In the novel, protagonist Dave Schwarz, a thirty-year-old British bachelor, discovers the mystical secret to winning a girl's heart deep within the City of David. This discovery embroils him in mysterious crimes that pit him against ruthless secret societies.

What is the secret of the "A Love and Beyond's" (http://hyperurl.co/alab) success? "The combination," said Sofer, "of fast-paced thriller, heart-warming romance, and humor-all sprinkled with magic dust."

A Love and Beyond
By Dan Sofer
ISBN: 0986393215
Available in soft cover, ebook
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About the author
Award-winning author Dan Sofer was born in South Africa in 1976 and has lived in Israel since 2001. His debut novel "A Love and Beyond" won the 2016 Best Book Award for Religious Fiction. His next novel, "An Unexpected Afterlife," is scheduled for release March 2017.

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