LASER BEAK MAN by Dead Puppet Society is a Feast for the Senses

By: Oct. 03, 2019

LASER BEAK MAN by Dead Puppet Society is a Feast for the Senses Laser Beak Man is back to save the world and I hope he keeps returning and again and again. A feast for the senses, David Morton, Nicholas Paine and Tim Sharp, alongside make by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music) create a joyous, vibrant world on stage that explodes in technicolour. The work follows the story of Australian artist Tim Sharp's colourful superhero (which Sharp first drew when he was eleven) and a crystal malfunction that bring characters together despite their differences.

As always, the puppets were incredible as were their puppeteers, whose attention to the minute movements of their wooden counterparts created a suspension of reality in which I soon forgot the presence of moving bodies. They made it appear like the puppets were moving as if controlled by magical forces. The remote-controlled drone-esque puppets that descended down into the Playhouse took the audience by surprise and delightfully complimented the story unfolding on stage. The transitions between scenes, puppets and multimedia were seamless and made me wonder whether or not the puppeteers were on magic roller skates or whether they were just hovering above the air. Justin Harrison's projection design of Tim Sharp's drawing's, although had some perspective issues, was visually exquisite and fully throw you into the story. When Laser Beak Man flew, you flew with him.

LASER BEAK MAN by Dead Puppet Society is a Feast for the Senses

The script is filled with pop culture references, from a Donald Trump-esque character who is building a wall, mansplaining, women's rights, climate change and morbid Mary had a little lamb references, which created many moments of shared laughter between the parent and their child. Sam Cromack's music creates the perfect undercurrent for the unfolding story blending ambient sounds of pop and rock. I loved how the band resided on a platform amongst the audience and guided us throughout the story, through to exiting the auditorium with us.

Concealed as a good versus evil superhero story, the story provides a powerful social commentary on the world we live in and how we should treat the people that share it with us. Suitable for all ages, this is a show that will replay in your head for days.

LASER BEAK MAN by Dead Puppet Society is a Feast for the Senses

Rating: 5 Stars

Laser Beak Man

Presented by Tim Sharp, Sam Cromack and Dead Puppet Society

Playing at the Playhouse, QPAC until Saturday the 5th