The Essential Theatre - by Oscar G. Brockett and Robert J. Ball

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The Essential Theatre by Oscar G. Brockett and Robert J. Ball Buy The Essential Theatre on Amazon

The Eighth Edition of THE ESSENTIAL THEATRE will help you get your students excited about theatre. The combined authorship of an authoritative theatre historian and his former student, an active theatre historian himself, make this the book perfect for your introductory theatre course. In the 35 years since it was first published, THE ESSENTIAL THEATRE has established a reputation as one of the most comprehensive, authoritative surveys of the theatre in academia. Now in a new full color format with many representations of current and classic performances, this text will encourage your students to become active theatergoers and fans. THE ESSENTIAL THEATRE works in tandem with its companion anthology, PLAYS FOR THEATRE. The scripts in PLAYS serve as a foundation for discussion of the various types of theatrical experience explored in the text.

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Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

Released: 2003

Buy The Essential Theatre on Amazon



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