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Milk - by Emily DeVoti

Milk by Emily DeVoti

Dramatic Comedy Characters: 3 male, 3 female.

Rural New England, just before Reagan's second

term. Meg and Ben are a creditor away from

losing their family farm. To the rescue flies a

high-powered businessman - in a private chopper

no less - offering a tidy sum for a taste of

farm life and the pure, raw milk that goes with

it. Even before locavores roamed the earth,

"back to the land" was hardly as simple as its

promise; livestock and humans aren't known

for behaving as expected. And so it is Milk, an

elegant parable of change set on the cusp of

a shifting American landscape. . "There is an

engagingly original streak running through

her writing... [DeVoti] fills Milk with interesting

details (lots of cow knowledge) and unexpected

touches." -The New York Times..

Available On:
Milk on Paperback

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2010

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