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Around The Clock by Nick Hall Buy Around The Clock on Amazon

Comedy / 6f / Interior / A medieval German clock with life-sized moving figures of a saint, an angel, a knight and a wicked pagan queen has been acquired by a small American town, and six women want to stage a publicity event: an enactment of the movements of this amazing clock. The relationships among the ladies are nearly as intricate as the clockworks: two have been married to the same man, the young teacher is after another's husband and, of course, the ex-show girl wants to star. Polly, who is hosting a rehearsal, finds having her bossy adult daughter living in her house again difficult. Hilarious complications arise as this explosive group works out the casting and the choreography. Beneath their laughter lurks the truth about who is an angel and who is more like the sinister queen. Fast-paced and funny with a touch of poignancy, this inventive play is by the author of Accommodations, Beside Yourself, Marriage Is Murder and other popular comedies.

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Around The Clock on Paperback Around The Clock on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1999

Buy Around The Clock on Amazon Buy Around The Clock on iTunes



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