Maryland Ensemble Theatre Presents MIDSUMMER: A MOST RARE VISION

Midsummer: A Most Rare Vision will tour audience members through the grounds at ThorpeWood for an immersive experience.

By: May. 13, 2021

After a year of virtual shows, Maryland Ensemble Theatre will close out their 2020-2021 Season of Surprises with a brand new, in-person, outdoor production: Midsummer: A Most Rare Vision. Teaming up with ThorpeWood to host the event at a safe outdoor space, MET's return to in-person programming will be a literal breath of fresh air. D

irected by MET Associate Artistic Director Julie Herber, Midsummer: A Most Rare Vision will tour audience members through the grounds at ThorpeWood for an immersive experience inspired by William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Running June 10-18, this original MET production is sure to bring audiences out from behind their computers for a new theatrical experience.

Midsummer: A Most Rare Vision invites the audience, in guided groups, to journey through the beautiful hidden natural landscapes at ThorpeWood. Julie Herber describes the show as "a cross between Street Theatre, Promenade Theatre, and Site-Specific, Immersive Theatre. Who doesn't want to see theatre in a tree, theatre on a boat, theatre in a barn? Our Fairy ensemble will guide the audience in intentional spaced-out groups from scene to scene. There will always be surprises, which makes this a perfect final show of our Season of Surprises!" The show boasts an eclectic mix of song, drama, movement, dance, aerial arts, and more, culminating in a final, socially distanced, communal gathering that will give audiences the experience they have been missing for the past year. Each audience group will have its own unique performance depending on the path they are guided through, and a cast of familiar MET faces will join them: Karli Cole, Surasree Das, Ivan Diaz Moros, Gené Fouche, Devin Gaither, Ray Hatch, Tad Janes, James McGarvey, Ken Poisson, Reiner Prochaska, Lia Seltzer, Tim Seltzer, Wilson Seltzer, Rachel Smith, Laura Stark, Tori Weaver, and Delaney White.

The production is set to be a theatrical celebration of finally being together again. Director Julie Herber has teamed with playwrights and poets Joy Campbell, Matt Lee, Jessica McHugh, and Reiner Prochaska to draw inspiration from Shakespeare's writing to create stand-alone experiences that will occur all across the grounds at ThorpeWood-featuring original compositions by Meryl Cullom, Michael Perrie Jr., Colin Schultzaberger, and Noah Sommer, and art installations from Joann Foltz and Milee McDonald. With additional production design by Doug Grove and Tabetha White and the guidance of stage manager Shayden Jamison, this production, influenced by Shakespeare's timeless classic, will rouse both the spirits of the forest, and the audience in a most contemporary way.

Midsummer: A Most Rare Vision will be performed for outdoor audiences at ThorpeWood (12805-A Mink Farm Rd. Thurmont, MD). Performances will occur June 10, 13, 17, and 18 at 7 pm, June 12 at 1 pm, and June 13 at 2 pm. Audience members are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes as they will be enjoying the sights and settings ThorpeWood has to offer. Masks and mindfulness for social distancing are required. Tickets are now available for $24. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit