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BWW Blog: Back in the Theatre (Well, Kind Of)

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Being back in a theatre yesterday gave me hope and reminded me that theatre will be back and full swing soon.

Yesterday for the first time since March I stepped foot into an actual theatre. Now mind you it was for an hour and a half, my mask was on, and I was six feet away from the two other people in the theatre with me but nonetheless I was in a theatre.

On Friday the dance performance seniors graduating in December are performing their senior solos in front of the dance faculty and because I am a production assistant, I got to help take a lightboard and other small pieces of equipment over to the theatre. When I walked into the theatre it was a very surreal moment being back in the last place I was before the world shut down. It was also very surreal to see the layout of the theater with all the COVID protocols.

Since senior solos are only being done on Friday, we are using the lights used by the school of music for the opera they just closed so most of my time was spent helping set the lightboard up and making sure seating for the faculty were all properly distanced. The best part of the day however I would say was getting to sit behind a light board. To me the thrill of sitting behind a light board and seeing lights turn on is unbeatable.

Another thrilling part is because I haven't sat behind a light board in 8 months. It wasn't second quite second nature like it is normally is so essentially relearning where everything is on the board was fun. Another thing I always enjoy is standing on the stage while people on the board are setting cues. It's especially fun for me now at this point in my education because I am able to spot little changes that are made. I am also at the point in my education where I can look at a somewhat lit stage and see what needs to be added for a balanced look on stage which was a fun discovery.

Being back in a theatre yesterday gave me hope and reminded me that theatre will be back and full swing soon. It reminded me that there is no better feeling than being in a dimly lit theatre helping to bring art to life. Finally and most importantly, it reminded me that even though it is longer than any of us anticipated or wanted this is only an intermission and we will be back watching and making theatre soon.

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