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Todd Zeigler

Todd Zeigler Todd Zeigler has been writing, directing and performing around the Louisville, Kentucky area since 2006. Proud contributor to BroadwayWorld since September 2013.


BWW Reviews: MACBETH Scarily Effective For Kentucky Shakespeare
July 14, 2015

Simply and effectively stage the horrific saga of two regular people facing the grand-scale consequences of their actions and you will find something more frightening than any witch.

BWW Reviews: Kentucky Shakespeare Mounts Very Special - and Excellent - Edition of 'Shrew'
July 1, 2015

Amy Attaway and Kentucky Shakespeare may have shown their audience something they have never seen before.

BWW Reviews: Kentucky Shakespeare's Magical TEMPEST Hits Personal Notes
June 12, 2015

Even more engaging than the dramatic ingredients is the soul of the piece, which Wallace has artfully drawn out to craft a play with a deeply personal reach.

Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theatre Picks - Louisville!
June 1, 2015

Louisville's stages are anything but dark this summer.

BWW Reviews: Pandora's Delightful YANK! Closes Out 2014-2015 Season
May 20, 2015

An uneven but entertaining production pulls off a retro charm while asking difficult questions that still resonate today.

BWW Reviews: 10-Minute Plays Bring Comedic Close to Humana Festival
April 14, 2015

The Humana Festival features an array of shorts that accomplishes the overarching mission of the format - and provides a rollicking good time in the process.

BWW Reviews: Mee's THE GLORY OF THE WORLD Celebrates Merton at Humana Festival
April 11, 2015

Actors Theatre of Louisville has devoted a substantial portion of the 39th Humana Festival to examinations of the local landscape. Fo Thomas Merton's birthday, they decided to throw him a party.

BWW Reviews: Silverman's THE ROOMMATE Gives 39th Humana Festival a Stellar Start
March 10, 2015

Jen Silverman's "The Roommate' is as tragic as they come - and it's a tragedy that subtly grows beneath peals of uproarious laughter.

BWW Reviews: Derby Dinner Goes Big With BONNIE & CLYDE
March 7, 2015

"We're fairly sure they didn't say 'Darn.'"

BWW Reviews: Theatre [502]'s 'Mr. Burns' Feast For Mind, Little Else
February 24, 2015

The essential experience of "Mr. Burns," written by Anne Washburn and locally produced by Theatre [502]: either feeling as smart as the play for getting it, or smarter than it for not.

BWW Previews: Theatre [502] Goes Apocalyptic with MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY
February 19, 2015

Playwright Anne Washburn answers an apocalyptic hypothetical by turning to a major source of our modern cultural mortar in the darkly comic 'Mr. Burns, a post-electric play,' which receives its Louisville premiere this week from local champions of recent and relevant plays, Theatre [502].

BWW Reviews: ATL Revisits Butchertown in Revival of 'At The Vanishing Point'
February 10, 2015

'At The Vanishing Point' is a tribute to the drama of struggling to sanctify the ordinary. Iizuka brings together characters and stories that form the tissue of Butchertown's history while observing the awe-inspiring tragedy in how much is missed.

BWW Previews: StageOne Brings Ali's Origins to Stage with 'And In This Corner...Cassius Clay'
January 24, 2015

The latest project in StageOne's New Play Development Series will reach over 25,000 schoolchildren with a story that may well resonate with circumstances they face today - and open their eyes to possibilities they may never have imagined.

BWW Reviews: THE BROTHERS SIZE is Theater of Mythic Portions at Actors Theatre
January 12, 2015

Tarell Alvin McCraney's "The Brothers Size" may be the closest thing the modern stage offers to a drama that approaches the level of ritual, transubstantiating the mythic into flesh, blood, words, and rhythms before our rapt eyes.

BWW Previews: Kentucky Shakespeare Brings RSC and Stratford to Screen with 'Shakespeare on Film' Series
December 29, 2014

Fresh off a season of company-wide renewal and world-class theatre, Kentucky Shakespeare is bringing even more world-class productions to Louisville theaters. One slight difference: the theaters will be of the motion picture variety.

BWW Reviews: Actors Theatre's CHRISTMAS CAROL Rings Anew
December 3, 2014

Louisvillians have made "A Christmas Carol" a holiday agenda item for two reasons: its quality, and its consistency.

BWW Reviews: Nina Raine's TRIBES Profound and Powerful at Actors Theatre
November 17, 2014

"They may not be perfect, but they're family." This is the affirmation that's just as much a prison sentence at that heart of "Tribes," Nina Raine's socially-charged, densely-layered and devastatingly on-point drama now playing at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

BWW Previews: Think Tank Theatre Debuts With A TON OF BRICKS
November 15, 2014

Sometimes within an ending are the seeds of a new beginning.

BWW Interviews: Robertson Makes BIG GAY ITALIAN Debut - In The City
November 14, 2014

The old adage goes: It doesn't matter who is in the audience. Give the same performance every time. That rule paid dividends for Louisville native Neill Robertson as he reprised the role of Maurizio LeGrande, the flamboyant and militantly efficient event planner, in Pandora Productions' September production of "My Big Gay Italian Funeral."

BWW Reviews: THE LAST FIVE YEARS Plays Fantastically with Form at Actors Theatre
October 17, 2014

Jason Robert Brown plays a narrative game within the tightly structured form of the musical to probe deep into the depths of a failed relationship.