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Student Blogger: Hallie Jaffe


Student Blog: The Best Advice I've Gotten from Musicals
April 20, 2021

Are the last few weeks of the semester getting you down? Here are some of my favorite motivational quotes from musicals:

Student Blog: Catching Up with Next on Stage Winner, Willem Butler
March 19, 2021

Checking in with Next on Stage winner Willem Butler and finding out what he has been up to since his win.

Student Blog: Dream Cast for a Fiddler on the Roof Movie Remake
March 4, 2021

As the number of movie musicals in the making continues to rise, I think we are overdue for a Fiddler on the Roof remake. To get the ball rolling for all you big-time producers, this is my dream cast. 

BWW Blog: An Interview with Cara DiPietro
February 5, 2021

Cara desperately wanted someone to talk to about the stereotypical 'The Broadway Body' and its issues. But her frustrations grew as she found no resources to discuss the topic.