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Student Blogger: Alyssa Silver - Page

BWW Blog: Finding Moments of Light
October 15, 2020

There have been many ups and downs for me while being home. 

BWW Blog: When You Aren't Deemed 'Jewish Enough' - Being a Jewish POC
October 8, 2020

Being Jewish is a part of myself that Ia??ve known since I was little and started as a wee toddler attending Jewish preschool. All my life, Ia??ve been celebrating the holidays and customs, and saying the prayersa?? And yet, all my life, there have been people who refuse to see me as what I am. 

BWW Blog: The New Mulan Made Me Cry... And Not in a Good Way
September 10, 2020

When I first saw the trailer for the new Mulan movie, I cried, because her story was so important to me as a child, and even now. When I watched the new movie, I did cry. I cried a lot. But they werena??t happy tears. They were tears of disappointment and anger. 

BWW Blog: From a Small Town to the Big City and Back Again - Choosing a Leave of Absence
August 28, 2020

I am sitting in my living room, glancing from my computer to the windows. I look out the window, admiring the green pine needles draping from their branches and the green leaves with tints of an orange blaze, hinting at the New England autumn to come... 

BWW Blog: Embracing the Unknown in London - Featuring a Hapa Girl, Cappuccinos, & a Trip to Amsterdam
August 13, 2020

Growth isna??t just one arrow pointing up. Ita??s going up, then slightly down, then up, then down, then really high.

BWW Blog: My Identity Imposter Syndrome and How One Show Helped Me Through It
July 28, 2020

A few weeks ago, I was facing identity imposter syndrome. This, which I have discovered, can be common among mixed race people, used to happen to me when I was younger but hadna??t resurfaced much since.

BWW Blog: When a Hapa Girl Finds Her Community and Her Strength at Tisch
July 20, 2020

I think this is the semester where I truly grew into my Hapa (half Asian) identity, talking about it with more pride than ever.

BWW Blog: My Asian White Identity & Our Privilege
July 7, 2020

As a result of the unlearning I have been doing, my own identity has been on the forefront of my mind. 

BWW Blog: My Experience at NYU Tisch
June 5, 2020

The groundedness I felt after voice class, my entire body tingling with sensory awareness and of every acting impulse I had. The freedom of jumping into an impulse at 100%. I realized I had a voice and that I could take up space.