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Richard Jay-Alexander Richard Jay-Alexander's extensive credits includes concerts for internationally renowned stars such as Barbra Streisand (including her most recent tour), Kristin Chenoweth, Bernadette Peters and Bette Midler, and the star-studded Hollywood Bowl concert stagings of Les Misérables and Guys and Dolls. Mr. Jay-Alexander is probably best known for his 10 years in North America, working with Cameron Mackintosh and helming his North American operation.



BWW Exclusive: ALL EYES ON ANN HAMPTON CALLAWAY; Richard Jay-Alexander Talks to the Singer / Songwriter / Actress / Dancer!
October 6, 2014

I'm happy to confess that this piece was a total, happy accident.

ALL EYES ON WHAT MAKES A GREAT CHRISTMAS ALBUM: Record Executive Jay Landers 'Weighs-in' with Richard Jay-Alexander
December 20, 2013

Jay is an enormous fan of Broadway and all its denizens and has done many Broadway Cast Albums, but he has also worked with every great star of our time in every category of music.

Mary-Mitchell Campbell & ASTEP = The Perfect Holiday Concert at Joe's Pub
December 6, 2013

Anyone who knows Mary-Mitchell Campbell knows her passion for music and certainly, by now, knows of her passion for ASTEP - Artists Striving To End Poverty, of which she is the Founder and Executive Director.

Liz Callaway Delivers Holiday Joy With Her Voice
December 6, 2013

Who could ever forget Liz Callaway stopping the show cold with a simple plaintive Maltby and Shire song called "The Story Goes On" back in 1983 in the Broadway production of BABY? Or, of course, Stephen Sondheim's MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG? Or her Grizabella? Or any of the amazing albums she has made over the years, either solo or with her sister Ann Hampton Callaway?

December 1, 2013

Lee Roy Reams = Broadway. It's really that simple. Or as Phil Geoffrey Bond, from 54 Below, likes to call this show: BROADWAY 101, and I would Certainly concur. If you have nothing to do tonight, get yourself to the Hottest venue in town, where Sunday Nights have become a "hot ticket" To see some some of the best talent around, doing all sorts of shows.

ALL EYES ON DRAMA HIGH: Richard Jay-Alexander Talks About Michael Sokolove's Fantastic New Book
December 11, 2013

DRAMA HIGH is a million dollar title if ever there was one. It sounds like an emotionally-charged film or a soap opera-ish TV series, but it's a fascinating new book which delivers all of the above and more.

BWW Exclusive: ALL EYES ON ANN-MARGRET; Richard Jay-Alexander Talks to the Legend
October 5, 2013

Saying the name ANN-MARGRET is like an instant Rorschach Test or Word Association game and it's no wonder, as this woman who came to America from another country (Sweden) has surely achieved what is perceived as 'The American Dream' with a uniquely unparalleled career.

ALL EYES ON 'HARMONY' IN ATLANTA Richard Jay-Alexander Talks to Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman on the Eve of Opening Night
September 15, 2013

Tonight, as the curtain rises at the (770 seat) Alliance Theatre, in Atlanta, this will be the center of the Universe for Barry and Bruce. This musical is, and has been, their baby for a long time, while waiting for this moment.

From Musical Mondays at Splash to AVENUE Q: John Bantay Talks to Richard Jay-Alexander About His Farewell Night on Monday, May 20th
May 17, 2013

And this Monday, May 20th, John Bantay will do his farewell SPIN as he leaves to continue pursuing his career and becomes a stage manager at the long-running musical, Avenue Q. Speaking to John Bantay, I, of course, was curious as to what his favorite video clips have been over the years. He was reticent to put them in 'Top 10' format because, to him, he considers them all number 1's. So here's his hit list, in no particular order:

BWW TV Exclusive: Director to Director! Jack O'Brien Talks His New Memoir- 'Jack Be Nimble' with Richard Jay-Alexander; Plus Scoop on HOUDINI, THE NANCE & More
June 18, 2013

Three-time Tony winning director Jack O'Brien's memoir 'Jack Be Nimble: The Accidental Education of an Unintentional Director' will be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux on June 18, 2013. For Jack O'Brien, there's nothing like a first encounter with a great performer, nothing like the sound of an audience bursting into applause. In short, there's nothing like the theater. In the special interview below, director Richard Jay-Alexander chats with his friend about what fans can expect from the new book. Check it out below!