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Patrick Brassell

Patrick Brassell Patrick Brassell is the author of five published novels and five produced plays. He has directed, produced, and designed sound for about fifty theater productions, and he has acted on rare occasion. He sang with a number of unsuccessful bar bands, wrote a comprehensive blog about the history of the Academy Awards, and wishes he were young enough to audition for American Idol. In the meantime, he has a day job in the financial industry, and lives in the Portland neighborhood of Cedar Mill.



BWW Reviews: DURANG DURANG Goes Out with a Bang at Post5 Theatre
March 8, 2015

Once the second half begins the acting becomes more subtle and the actors relax; they're not trying to imitate anything, they're creating characters we haven't seen before, and they can add their own touches to the roles.

BWW Reviews: Portland Center Stage Finds a Surprising Family at the Heart of OTHER DESERT CITIES
March 2, 2015

Very slowly - though without losing his sense of humor - Baitz draws us deeper and deeper into the Wyeths' drama, and the further we go, the more intense it becomes, until you're absolutely certain no one's coming out of the evening alive.

BWW Reviews: MARY STUART Is a Fascinating Political Drama at Northwest Classical
March 1, 2015

Northwest Classical is amazingly good at cramming massive historical plays into their tiny Shoebox Theatre, and here director Elizabeth Huffman has worked miracles.

BWW Reviews: THE NIGHT ALIVE Is a Devastating Story of Love and Hope at Third Rail
February 22, 2015

The play is uproarious throughout, McPherson finding ways to make the characters' desperation funny, but underneath there's a deep well of sadness that finally explodes toward the end.

BWW Reviews: Artists Rep Looks at the TRIBES We Belong To
February 9, 2015

Subtitles covering the signed and unspoken language are projected on the set, and rather than just translating the American Sign Language, the titles also react to music, gestures, and characrers' thoughts in a visually appealing way.

BWW Reviews: Portland Playhouse Tries to Figure Out HOW TO END POVERTY IN 90 MINUTES (WITH 99 PEOPLE YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW)
February 9, 2015

You will, at the end of the evening, be holding a ten-dollar bill that will become your ballot as you vote for one of the five approaches to ending poverty in Multnomah County..

BWW Reviews: A Very Tangled THREESOME at Portland Center Stage
February 2, 2015

It's a thoughtful script about Arab-American relations, a wacky comedy about a couple who invite another man into their sex life, and a dry look at how men and women view each other. And while each of these things is interesting, they make for very strange do the three characters in the play.

BWW Reviews: Kander and Ebb's THE WORLD GOES 'ROUND Is a Night of Pure Fun at Broadway Rose
February 1, 2015

John Kander and Fred Ebb may be the last practitioners of the old-fashioned show tune, the kind that gets you tapping your toes, cocking your ear, and smiling throughout.

BWW Reviews: VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE Will All Make You Laugh at Portland Center Stage
January 19, 2015

This being a Durang play, the characters have offbeat opinions about everything under the sun, but there's anger and regret underneath the quips, and eventually the deeper emotions come to the surface.

BWW Reviews: Prepare to Be Dazzled by THE SNOWSTORM at CoHo Productions
January 17, 2015

Director/choreographer Jessica Wallenfels does a brilliant job of telling us what the story is, showing us where to look, and taking us into the minds of the characters with just a simple change of lighting.

BWW Reviews: Portland Playhouse's A CHRISTMAS CAROL Will Enrapture Even the Scroogiest Among You
December 15, 2014

When you walk into the theatre, you're greeted by ticket takers, ushers, and assorted others all in Dickensian costume, all sporting English accents; a young urchin who looked to be about eight tried to sell me a raffle ticket in a voice that came right out of Oliver Twist.

BWW Reviews: THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP Is Triumphantly Silly at Third Rail
December 8, 2014

The Mystery of Irma Vep has a plot, but I'm not going to bother you with it. It's an excuse for groanworthy puns, asides to the audience, and a few thousand costume changes.

BWW Reviews: THE MAIDS' TRAGEDY Is a Bloody Good Show at Northwest Classical
December 8, 2014

It's a hot-blooded, passionate account, with sex, partying, and lots of blood, and it takes a strong company to pull it off. Luckily, Northwest Classical is up to the challenge.

BWW Reviews: There's a Lot of Fun in Artists Rep's BLITHE SPIRIT...If You're Willing to Wait
December 8, 2014

Buried under all the quips, banter, and snark is an interesting play, with a plot that could really be moving and funny if played right.

BWW Reviews: You Will Make It Through A CHRISTMAS SURVIVAL GUIDE at Broadway Rose...Most Likely Smiling
December 1, 2014

The show isn't awful. It borrows good ideas from better shows, mixes things up in a mildly charming way, and sells itself as family entertainment, though I can't imagine a lot of the under-16 set being amused by an Elvis sketch or a song about rehab.

BWW Reviews: TWIST YOUR DICKENS at Portland Center Stage Is a Wild Ride Through Your Favorite Holiday Tales
December 1, 2014

Twist Your Dickens is two hours of sketch comedy using Dickens's tale as a very rough basic structure but going off in dozens of different directions, from parodies of classic holiday TV specials (A Charlie Brown Christmas gets banged around) to rewrites of familiar carols.

BWW Reviews: This Year's Entry in THE SANTALAND DIARIES at Portland Center Stage Will Still Make You Laugh
November 27, 2014

When Crumpet (the character's 'elf name') gets annoyed with the other elves, the children, and their parents, Pierce doesn't get bitchy; he goes into full Shakespearean revenge mode, plotting his vengeance like Iago, and it's all the funnier for that.

BWW Reviews: You Can't Help But Love AS YOU LIKE IT at Post5 Theatre
November 16, 2014

Actors adore Shakespeare and can't wait to share that love with the rest of us, and it brings out the zest in their acting. And who doesn't want to watch actors having fun?

BWW Reviews: Powerful Acting Makes CoHo's 'NIGHT, MOTHER a Must See
October 19, 2014

Thelma and Jessie have a messy relationship, and there are a lot of questions both women have for each other. Some get answered and some don't.

BWW Reviews: THE TYPOGRAPHER'S DREAM Explores What Our Jobs Mean to Us at Portland Center Stage
October 13, 2014

At first we think they do not know each other - they have the strained politeness of strangers who are forced into a situation together - but gradually we see connections between them, and past arguments begin to spill out.

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