Maryellen Kernaghan

Maryellen Kernaghan Twenty-eight years experience as a Professional Model, Director and Producer in the Performing Arts. Produced and directed new works, held national casting calls for models and actors, negotiated contracts and collaborated with artists to build dynamic team-oriented events in theatre, dance and fashion. Maryellen has personally worked as a full figured fashion and runway model and is a renowned 'fit' model who has worked with labels found on clothing racks in stores nationwide. She also has experience conducting national programs on cultural diversity and self esteem for young people which include modeling workshops for young men and women and has worked as a judge for regional and national modeling and performing arts competition. Maryellen also serves the not-for-profit community as the Artistic Director of ArtsCare,( and is an advocate for implementing health and wellness programming in schools, community centers, senior centers and alternative spaces. Maryellen has also been responsible for the fiscal management, social media awareness, creative production and artistic management of companies, projects, runway shows and other fashion events nationwide.



Project Runway's Leanne Marshall Shows at NYFW
February 13, 2013

I had the priviledge to attend Leanne Marshall's 2013 Fashion Week show. Leanne, winner of Season 5 Project Runway, showed a slightly different show than previous NYFW. But of course, everything was stunning and a thrill to see.

Project Runway at Fashion Week
February 10, 2013

At one time or another, I think we all watched (or are watching) Project Runway. The weeks of challenges set up to stretch the designer's creativity - mentally and physically. More than once, I know I would have thrown in the towel, or the muslin, so to speak. But these fashion athletes stayed in the game, until three remain. The final three are awarded the prestige of showing at New York Fashion Week which ultimately leads to a winner. But what happens after that?

Better Than the Next Little Black Dress
February 6, 2013

The little black dress yea, we all have one. Some of us haven't even taken the tag off of yet. But, how about a black tee shirt? I have oneor threeor half a dozen. If you don't, swipe one from your brother, boyfriend or husband, because it is a wardrobe staple. OK, now that we all have one (or a few) let's find new ways to style that basic tee shirt we can definitely talk about that little black dress another time

Fashion Week Update
February 6, 2013

Joanna Mastroianni launched her signature collection with a fashion forward vision of the modern women. An American designer, her career started at the age of ten, creating dress ensembles for her Barbie dolls and marketing them to neighborhood girlfriends. While still a student at F.I.T, Joanna's vision and passion for beautiful fashion raised the attention of Henry Bendel, giving her a first order. So you could say Joanna went from Barbie to Bendel.

Shoes, Glorious, Shoes
February 6, 2013

Those shoes, I love those shoes, I wore them out last night. Why is my back KILLLING me!!!????