Mark Bowers

Mark Bowers Mark Bowers is an alumna of Clarion University of Pennsylvania where he received his degree in Communication Arts in 2002. After graduation, Mark moved to Manhattan where he continues to reside uptown in Washington Heights. An actor/playwright; Mark is in the progress of collaborating on a new musical theatre extravaganza. His love affair with theatre performance is a lifelong addiction and the opportunity to write while providing reviews for is an exciting steppingstone in his upcoming theatrical criticism calling.



Some Stars Shine Bright; Others Shed No Light!
August 3, 2006

A Jew Lingers in Manhattan
May 2, 2006

After years of entertaining audiences on television('Meet the Mets'), Broadway ('They're Playing Our Song') and cruise ships across the friendly seas, Jake Ehrenreich opens off-Broadway at the American Theatre of Actors, where his entertainment career just got a bit bumpier than any of those ocean waves may ever have been.

Outwit, Outlast & Outpray!
March 3, 2006

No! It is not a version of Religious SURVIVOR, but rather a story of a homosexual jew and the need to survive in a world premier: THE RED BOX!

BAG FULLA MONEY: Full of $5's and $10's and at times $100's
January 16, 2006

The new madcap comedy, Bag Fulla Money, written by Scott Brooks, is now finding its comedic legs at the Clurman Theatre on 42nd streets Theatre Row. Billed as a 'fast and furious four-letter-word farce,' Money takes a peek inside the kitchen of an enterprise conglomerate where millions of Ben Franklins are up for grabs in a game of cat chase mouse.