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LOVE NEVER DIES BLOG: Sierra and Tam at the BBC studios
December 17, 2010

Another exclusive video clip for you as we join our very own Sierra Boggess and Tam Mutu as they give us a backstage tou of the BBC studios as they prepare for last weekend's recording of Friday Night is Music Night. And don't forget, you can listen to their performance tonight (17th December) on BBC Radio 2 from 8pm to 10pm.

TV: 12 Days of Christmas from LOVE NEVER DIES
December 16, 2010

The Love Never Dies cast and crew would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - and, of course, they're about to do it in true Coney Island style… We are pleased to present to you - the Love Never Dies 12 Days of Christmas:

LOVE NEVER DIES BLOG: More on the Love Never Dies Costumes
November 10, 2010

Love Never Dies Wardrobe Mistress Sandy Smith-Wilson gives us an insight into the fabulous costumes worn in the show, including how Christine's Gustav Klimt-inspired and Swarovski crystal-encrusted 'Opera Dress' was created and how the elaborate jewellery was put together by Set and Costume Designer Bob Crowley.

LOVE NEVER DIES BLOG: More From Behind the Scenes at the Adelphi
November 4, 2010

We've seen the Wigs Room and glimpsed the Wardrobe Department, and this time Love Never Dies‘ Sandra O'Brien shows us the makeup, prosthetics and some more of the costumes used to create the Love Never Dies look on a walk around the Adelphi Theatre. We also take a sneaky nose around in Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo's dressing rooms - and get an exclusive peek at a banjo playing Phantom - before heading underneath the Adelphi stage for a look at the quick-change areas...

LOVE NEVER DIES BLOG: Backstage with the Wardrobe Department
October 26, 2010

Another sneaky peek behind the scenes as this time, Love Never Dies' Wardrobe Mistress Sandy Smith-Wilson talks us through the laundering, fixing, maintenance and day-to-day running of a West End theatre's Wardrobe Department - from costume changes to occasional malfunctions!

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: A Very Acrobatic Warm Up - Part Two
July 21, 2010

Another sneak peek at the Love Never Dies Ensemble's circus warm-up, as cast member Jonathan Stewart catches up with trapeze artist Louise Madison and aerial artist Colette Morrow. Don't look down ladies…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Summer Strallen on Meg - Part 3
May 20, 2010

In the third, and final, instalment of our dressing room interview with Summer - who plays Meg Giry - she tells us where her future plans lie, who her career role model is and talks of the pressures of coming from a show biz family…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Summer Strallen on Meg - Part 2
May 17, 2010

In the second part of our video interview with Summer Strallen, who plays Meg in the show, she tells us how the keeps the role fresh - and how she winds down after a show, especially one as emotional as Love Never Dies…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: More from Jo Miles
April 30, 2010

In the first of a two-part interview with Jo Miles - who, as Stage Manager for Love Never Dies, knows everything there is to know about the show - she talked us through what an 'average' day is like onstage and which actor she'd most like to see in a musical…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Managing the Stage
April 29, 2010

In the first of a two-part interview with Jo Miles - who, as Stage Manager for Love Never Dies, knows everything there is to know about the show - she talked us through what an 'average' day is like onstage and which actor she'd most like to see in a musical…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: A Catch Up with Ramin...
April 21, 2010

In our latest blog, we head back to Ramin's dressing room to catch up on how he feels about the character of the Phantom, his pet peeves, and how he keeps the role fresh.

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Meet the Flecks
April 19, 2010

Here our bloggers Adam Pearce (Squelch) and Niamh Perry (Fleck) tell us what's been going on in the past few weeks, and introduce their very special upcoming video blog feature…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Ramin Karimloo Unmasked
March 9, 2010

To celebrate tonight's opening at the Adelphi, we bring you an interview with Ramin Karimloo who takes to the stage this evening as The Phantom.

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: First Preview
February 23, 2010

It has seemed like a very long haul for all concerned, but last night saw the first public performance of Love Never Dies at the Adelphi Theatre. The show is now in preview until the official opening night on March 9th which is when the press get in to see the show and give their verdicts.

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Disfiguring the Phantom continued...
February 19, 2010

Do you ever think video blogs are a bit like buses? You wait ages for one to turn up and then two or three come along in rapid succession....?

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Watching the rehearsals
February 17, 2010

This afternoon we popped down to the Adelphi to track down a few more members of the Love Never Dies cast for our weekly video blog and in the meantime thought we'd share a few observations from our seats in the Dress Circle - and below is another little video blog of exactly what is going on behind the scenes as rehearsals are now well into their final week…

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: The latest from the Adelphi...
February 17, 2010

A couple of days later than usual, but here is the latest instalment in our weekly rehearsal update.

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Ramin and Sierra arrive at the Adelphi!
February 10, 2010

As you know from our previous blog entry, a majority of the cast arrived at the Adelphi from the rehearsal rooms last week. But our Phantom and Christine made their entrance a couple of days later and we were there to capture their initial reaction on camera - as they saw the stage and set for the first time.

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: Home sweet home...
February 9, 2010

Hey bloggers, sorry it's been a while. Rehearsals have been busy busy busy!! We had our final run of the show, infront of the Lord, last week and thankfully got his seal of approval!

LOVE NEVER DIES Blog: In Costume
February 5, 2010

Today, as the cast prepare to move from the rehearsal space into the theatre, we paid a visit to the workshop where Nicola Killeen and her textile team are busy bringing to life some of designer Bob Crowley's fantastic costumes, including a gorgeously extravagant - and very long - garment that one of the characters will wear in one of the show's key scenes.