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VIDEO: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Talk Broadway, Online Antics

BuzzFeed's Tommy Wesely interviewed Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart for the website's latest installment of BuzzFeed Brewstonight. The pair talked about their current Broadway run, their roles in TV and film and their online antics. Watch the interview below!


Ian McKellen on how he'd like to be remembered: "Well I've often thought that my gravestone would say: Here lies Gandalf. He came out. Those are two of the proudest achievements that I've got. I think I've been a part of the rapid sensible movement towards an understanding that gay people are the same as the rest of you and should be treated equally by the law, by society, and I've been able to help that movement go along."

Patrick Stewart on the thrill of having first-time theater-goers in the audience: "So alright, maybe they're coming to see Gandalf and Magneto and Professor Xavier and Captain Picard, but we don't care why they come. We just want to get their bums in the seats and we'll take care of the rest, so to speak."

Patrick Stewart on pre-show rituals: "We do try to see one another and have a chat before the show. Back in England, Ian said to me I think in the very early days of rehearsal, 'We cannot do this play - the two tramps who have known one another for over fifty years - and meet for the first time each night on stage. We have got to start this play 45 minutes earlier.' Which is why, at Ian's suggestion, we shared a dressing room. We now can't share dressing rooms because the dressing rooms at The Court are so tiny, and so we try to meet and have some kind of contact. And maybe we talk about the play occasionally, and Ian gives me notes on my performance and occasionally when I'm feeling really strong and brave I might mention one or two things to him."

Patrick Stewart on whether they would do another show together: "Oh, absolutely!...There are not many plays where there are two characters of the same sex in the leading roles. Indeed, or movies. It's hard to find. But the originators of our roles in No Man's Land, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Ralph Richardson, after they'd done that, they did another play in which they played the two leading roles, which has not been revived for a long time. Home. That's a possibility. It is about two old guys in a care home. Are we there yet? I'll take that as a no."

Source: BuzzFeed

VIDEO: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Talk Broadway, Online Antics
Click Here to Watch the Video!

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