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The Broadway Kitchen Sink: Photo Coverage


The Artist Showcase Series presented The Broadway Kitchen Sink Volume One: Your Favorites Sing Their Favorites on April 4th and has the exclusive pictures from the sold-out event!

Producer Geoffrey Soffer kicks the evening off

Host Seth Rudetsky kept the evening moving quickly with his
"A-MAH-ZING" sense of humor

Kate Shindle was first to take the stage with "See What I Wanna See"

Anita Gillette had the crowd in stitches before singing "Why Do I Love You?"

Gypsy's David Burtka

Cary Shields sings one of his own to the crowd

Kristy Cates (Elphaba u/s) belts "The Wizard and I"

Loving couple Emily Loesser and Don Stephenson
charm audiences with "Says My Heart"

Jose Llana sings the stirring ballad "Hero and Leander"

Julia Murney brought the house down with her rendition of
"The Life of the Party" at the end of the evening

Anthony Rapp dedicated his performance of
"Everybody Hurts" to his mother

The always stunning Sara Gettlelfinger performed both the comedic,
"The Boy from..." and the sweet ballad, "Sleepy Man"

Hairspray's Shoshana Bean first wow'ed the crowd with
Coronet Man and followed it up with the soulful "Home"

Sisters, Gina and Lyn Philistine received thunderous
applause for their rendition of "I Will Never Leave You"

The Boy From Oz's Stephanie J. Block

Most recently seen in Taboo, Sarah Uriarte Berry
sings "Losing Track of Time" from Summer of '42

The performers and Seth pose for the cameras
just after the sold out event.

Song List:
"See What I Wanna See" (LaChiusa) - Kate Shindle
"Says My Heart" (F. Loesser) - Emily Loesser and Don Stephenson
"Losing Track of Time" (Summer of '42) - Sarah Uriarte Berry
"Why Do I Love You?" (Showboat) - Anita Gillette
"Comet Man" (Funny Girl) - Shoshana Bean
"Hero and Leander" (Saturn Returns) - Jose Llana
"The Wizard and I" (Wicked) - Kristy Cates
"Everybody Hurts" (R.E.M.) - Anthony Rapp
"The Boy From..." (Sondheim) - Sarsa Gettelfinger
"Flight" (Carmelia) - David Burtka
"For Maggie" (Shields) - Cary Shields
"I Will Never Leave You" (Side Show) - Gina and Lyn Philistine
"Sleepy Man" (The Robber Bridegroom) - Sara Gettelfinger
"Home" (Alan) - Shoshana Bean
"Children Will Listen" (Into The Woods) - Stephanie J. Block
"The Life of the Party" (Wild Party) - Julia Murney

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