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Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers

BroadwayWorld appreciates the value of a great education, especially given how challenging the process of learning the craft can be. As we enter the new year, we're looking back at the best words of advice our student bloggers have shared with their counterparts!

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers1. Picture Perfect

Blogging duo Ashlyn Elliott and Tyler Klingbiel share advice on nailing the first headshot session including choosing the right photographer, knowing what to wear, and how to break the ice to perfectly communicate your personality through photos.

"Headshot season can be very daunting, but embrace the joy of it. This is your chance to be treated like an absolute professional for a couple of hours. Feel glamorous, enjoy every moment, and be proud of who you are in front of that camera!"

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers2. Finding Outside Inspiration While Inside your Head

Jenna Napolitano talks about the dangers of burnout and how to keep the love of theatre going strong by diversifying activities.

"In terms of hobbies, I fell back in love with reading, which is something I neglected as soon as I got a smartphone. I also work a part-time job as a hostess at an upscale restaurant, where my presentational and communication skills from being a theatre major come in very handy and I have made friends with the other employees. I've also expanded my interests in TV shows and movies (thanks Netflix!). After sending in video auditions for summer stock theatres and subbing dance classes last year, I really started to enjoy creating choreography, and in return it has made me a smarter dancer when picking up someone else's choreography."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers3. Study What YOU Love

Maeve Brooks emphasizes how important it is to pursue what means the most to you regardless of the risks and what other people say.

"Throughout my life people veered me towards doing theatre only as a hobby. Who was I to throw caution to the wind and actually pursue my dream career? I realized that it was not worth giving up the only thing that kept me motivated during high school. Who cares what other people say? This is something I want to do. I am willing to work hard and endure the ups and downs. I now have the opportunity to receive proper training and actually study the craft I love so much."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers4. Dealing with PSD - Post Show Depression (in Two Ways)

It's always hard to say goodbye to a project. Bloggers Daniel Sanchez and Griffin DeVries have plenty of recommendations for getting over that PSD, but they share one big step in common:

GD: "Go to your local supermarket, walk down the dairy aisle and pick out your favorite tub of ice cream. And remember, the bigger the tub, the better!"

DS: "I literally devoured an entire tub of ice cream while binge-watching the latest episodes of Riverdale. That helped me kind of forget the show, but also simultaneously I was still re-watching my bows and looking at pictures."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers5. Both Sides of the Casting Table

Sophia J Grimes urges performers to experience theatre from multiple perspectives, especially that of directing.

"I always knew that casting was subjective, and that sometimes it didn't matter how good you were or how much you practiced if you're still not right for the show. But it never truly hit me until then, and I firmly believe that it gave me more confidence in myself as a performer, and more confidence in the ability to "shake it off and move along." I also firmly believe that being the directed has helped me to be a better director. I feel like I can take many aspects from the styles of many different directors I have worked with and can create my own unique way of doing things."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers6. The Need-to-Know Before You Need-to-Go

As part of our back to school series, Nolan Robinson helps get you prepped to leave for college!

"My first year at Northwestern University started my fast-forward to adulthood. I met challenges I didn't know how to conquer, situations I didn't know how to get through, and feelings I didn't know how to understand. But throughout my first year I learned valuable advice and lessons that I will take with me throughout my next three years that I want to share with you before you begin, or continue, your journey."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers7. Managing Expectations

Megan McCarthy talks about setting realistic goals for your college experience.

"When you are a freshman, you should spend your first year figuring out how college and adulting works best for you. I know that sounds absolutely silly and cliche, but this is likely a new process for you altogether. You have likely moved out of the house and into a dorm or an apartment, into a new room with a roommate who might not like the Rodgers and Hammerstein vinyl records you blast at ungodly hours of the night, or share your appreciation for Patti LuPone as Mama Rose, or even worse: not know who Barbra Streisand is. You have to figure out how to find the balance in your life."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers8. How to Approach the Daunting Search for the Right Theatre College Program

There are lots of big name colleges out there for musical theatre, but sometimes the place you will learn and grow the most is a school you hadn't even considered. Samantha Hansen walks through finding that perfect school.

"If there is one thing I would recommend to high school students, spend your time finding the program that fits your needs, not the one where you need to fit theirs. I found my place through a long, extensive search and it was well worth the effort!"

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers9. Get Involved...But Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

Nicole Bates shares the ever-important lesson of how to get the most out of the college experience and yourself.

"I think what is most important in your first semester is finding something that will excite you and introduce you to new friends. You don't want to be stressed out participating in a production you have no interest in, because that may give you a false sense of negativity towards your school's theatre program. I believe that if you follow your passion, you won't experience this because you will be trusting your instincts and doing what makes you happy, not what others tell you you should be doing."

Ten Best Words of Advice from BWW's Student Bloggers10. Finding Love in a Tough World

Finally, Selena Newton tells us to never forget what a difference a positive attitude and support system can make.

"We are not in this alone. It's so easy to feel deserted in this huge world. Surrounding ourselves with positivity is so important when everything seems so dark and negative. I am so grateful for the friends and family that I have by my side. Whenever I need someone to talk to, they are always there for me. It's important to share that love with everyone else in this world. We all desperately need it right now."

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