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Student Blog: Theater Major Packing Survival Guide


A survival guide to everything you could possibly need as a performer in college this year

Student Blog: Theater Major Packing Survival Guide

If you're anything like me, you realized you are moving into college in a few days and still have yet to pack. While debating over which sweatshirts or sneakers to bring you also have to decide what a theater major needs for a semester of performance. Thankfully, here is a list of what I consider to be some of the most important items to pack for your time in the theater. With an unprecedented year of experience, from acting classes in masks and performing in boxes, I have whittled down the necessities to what can fit in my shoebox size room.

One of the first things I'll encounter this year will be audition weekend. I need to have everything prepared as I audition for Main Stage productions and navigate my new schedule. It has always been true that the more preparation you have for an audition, the more relaxed you can be, and that is the same for what you bring with you. I like to have all of my audition materials such as sheet music and monologues ready to perform. It is a great idea to bring some of your favorite plays to pull material from in order to return to the context of the story as you are preparing your cut. Tabs are a great organization tool for all of your materials, and google calendar is your friend with all of those call times and appointments. Also, I highly recommend investing in a Beltbox if you see yourself warming up in public places.

Not feeling one hundred percent can be one of the most stressful times for a performer, but having the essentials can speed up the healing time. I like to have my steamer handy as well as some Emergen-C, muscle rollers, and throat lozenges. I learned that it is best to use lozenges without menthol while singing so that you do not numb your throat and cause damage without feeling it. It is a great idea to bring a yoga mat for relaxation as well as use a humidifier to combat dryness once the heat is on.

I have several rehearsal room essentials. I like to start with my favorite rehearsal tote filled with my water bottle, dance attire, tabs, highlighters, pencils, binder, and some extra note paper. When you have a specific bag for rehearsal it is so easy to quickly grab it after class. When there are performances, I also carry my stage makeup, stage blacks and paint clothes for working on tech, and opening night cards for fellow cast members.

Preparation can seem overwhelming as a theater major in college since you have to focus on your essentials for performing as well as academic and dorm supplies. Keep in mind that no matter how ready you are you will forget things and Amazon is always your friend. Performing in college can be a daunting but invigorating part of the experience, and once you have the necessities you can focus on your craft and share your art. Don't forget to breathe; you've got this!

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