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Student Blog: Oh My! I'm So Not Ready For School!


T - 5 days, time to rush my back to school preparation.

Student Blog: Oh My! I'm So Not Ready For School!

In Singapore, most universities commence the academic year in August. In LASALLE College of the Arts, our first day of school is next week, Aug 16. There are still so many uncertainties here because we are facing our 3rd mini "lockdown" which is due to be lifted on Aug 18. We are still not allowed to be unmasked in performances and rehearsals, no singing allowed, and no unmasking during dance classes. The mini "lockdown" started right when summer break commenced, so I wasn't able to do the things I planned out for the summer i.e. dance classes, gym workouts, singing classes.

Yes, I have been slacking off, watching my Korean drama. But with motivation and mental state at an all time low since the mini "lockdown", I have been hiding in my room, feeling the lockdown fatigue. I know that's not an excuse, but it's really hard to keep myself motivated with so many restrictions.

Although the mini "lockdown" will be lifted on Aug 18, they recently allowed those fully vaccinated to be able to dine in, so... Yes, I need to meet my friends before school reopens, it'll really help with my mental state. Anyway, here is my to-do list, so if you are starting school in September, please don't be like me and start preparing now.


I have a list of things to read, some of which have to be done before school starts, and some are to be completed during the semester. The priority for this week is the ones I have to complete before school starts. That's 3 texts, the length of an academic paper each. But I do want to squeeze in more because I am a slow reader and I am starting to rehearse for an external show in September so my timetable is getting packed.

Learning New Songs

Song Repertoire a.k.a. Acting Through Songs Masterclasses. I have to sing 8 songs this semester, 2 of them are chosen for me. I have to choose 6 other songs from the 1970 to 1999 era. I'm slow at learning songs so I have to start early. I just picked my first song that I'm required to sing on Aug 16 for the first class. That is nerve wracking. I have to learn, memorise, research and prepare for it. I chose Mister Cellophane from Chicago because I know the storyline, I know the character, I roughly know the tune and it's something I resonate with. Hey, it's not about working hard, it's about working smart! Of course this is not inclusive of the songs I have to prepare for the upcoming shows. And that, I have yet to be briefed on.


Now, this, I can't accomplish in 1 week, sadly. I have been going for weekly ballet classes throughout May and June. From July onwards, I have been going for weekly tap classes. So I have been moving, just not that much. I tried working out in May but that didn't last long because online classes are just too un-motivating. I joined them and only did 5 mins of warm up and then I stopped. I'm planning to do light workouts like core exercises, push ups and stretches this week. I may even throw in a run or two over the week... but no promises.

Resetting Body Clock

I also have to reset my body clock. I used to sleep at 4am a few weeks ago and since I got a little busier these past 2 weeks, I managed to reset it to 1am. I have to reset it further to 11pm so I've been taking melatonin to aid me with sleep. It's best to push bedtime 15 to 30 mins earlier each day because it takes time to reset. And most importantly, I have to resist napping!


I have this habit of a fresh start. So every time I start a new journey, I will have to clean my room so that it is in tip top condition. Also because normally when school starts, I don't have time to dust, vacuum and mop my room. My room is relatively clean all the time so it'll be fast. Also, I like to cut my hair and have a spa day before the vacation ends. It just feels great to end it with a clean slate.

I have too many things to do with so little time. I think I can tackle all of them if I don't procrastinate any further. I created a to-do list, which I normally do for the semester, to keep track of all the assignments I have to complete. This semester will also be the first time I'm simultaneously writing for Broadway World Blogs while being in school. I'm excited for that and also scared at the same time because I have a lot to do! But let's KEEP IT POSITIVE!

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