MSCHF Internet Studios Launches New Film Company With The Mission To Remove Smoking From Hollywood

MSCHF Internet Studios, the company making internet for the internet, today unveils their latest venture: Cignature Films, a new production studio with the goal to completely remove smoking in Hollywood movies and television. In an effort to better the world around us, the studio will obtain films and TV episodes which feature significant tobacco use, replace each cigarette with a harmless kazoo and then re-release them to the public. Today's launch of the studio comes with the release of their first episode: removing cigarettes from the pilot episode of "Mad Men" and replacing them with the 'Cignature' kazoos instead. Cignature Films' decision to start with this episode, titled "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," stems from the irony of it advertising cigarettes and the company's goal to end this throughout all movies and television shows.

Though smoking in movies was a staple element of old Hollywood, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that tobacco has had a resurgence in recent years on the big screen. It has been reported that 44% of adolescents who start smoking do so because of smoking images they have seen in the movies. In 2016, 41% of the top-grossing films (which accounted for 96% of American ticket sales) showed people interacting with tobacco in some way. Additionally, PG-13 films have seen the biggest increase in these depictions-an alarming trend that the Surgeon General says leads to youths being two to three times more likely to pick up the bad habit. Cignature Films wants to change these statistics for the better.

"We create 'internet' to make statements about the world we live in, in ways that tens of millions of people have already experienced online. This time around, we decided to take on smoking," says Daniel Greenberg of MSCHF Internet Studios. "By replacing all instances of cigarettes with kazoos, we highlight just how ridiculously pervasive cigarettes are in popular media... which we usually completely glance over." Future plans for Cignature re-releases include The Godfather, "Stranger Things" and Fight Club.

MSCHF Internet Studios exists to make internet for the internet. In addition to being the creators behind the popular Times Newer Roman font and Man Eating Food YouTube channel, MSCHF has worked with Bed Bath & Beyond, College Humor, Casper, Fandango, Dos Toros, Instacart, Ample Hills Creamery, MTV, Roman, Target, The Blk Tux, Breather, and many more household name companies.

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