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Hiddleston On Shakespeare's HOLLOW CROWN & Cookie Monster

Hiddleston On Shakespeare's HOLLOW CROWN & Cookie MonsterStage and screen superstar and AVENGERS headliner Tom Hiddleston appeared with SESAME STREET's beloved blue-haired Cookie Monster in support of the new PBS season as well as discussed his participation in the lauded THE HOLLOW CROWN cycle of four Shakespeare plays in a new interview this week.

As for the somewhat less-than-judicious adaptations of the HENRY IV and HENRY V cycle and their liberal cutting of large sections of Shakespeare's text, while ramping up the visual atmosphere, violence and romantic aspects, Hiddleston says, "There is some stuff that seems archaic, and it can go without any loss of the whole," in regards to excised portions.

He continues, "It's such a privilege to be able to put Shakespeare on the screen, that you want to make it thrilling cinema."

Furthermore, Hiddleston said he gave his all to his performance - including incurring the wrath of Jeremy Irons, who plays Henry IV to Hiddleston's Prince Hal.

"It really hurt. He was wearing two very regal rings," Hiddleston said of a particularly pert slap by the fellow thespian while shooting one of their interactions for the four-film series.

Plus, Hiddleston even says his AVENGERS and THOR protagonist Loki could not exist without the Bard behind him.

"He's really a Shakespearian villain in many senses," Hiddleston smartly posits.

Check out the original article on the matter here.

View the photos of Hiddleston and Cookie Monster below.

Hiddleston On Shakespeare's HOLLOW CROWN & Cookie MonsterHiddleston On Shakespeare's HOLLOW CROWN & Cookie Monster

Photo Credits: Instagram

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