GLEE-Cap: Prom Queen


Gleeks - It's Prom-time at McKinley High! Are you ready for a Glee-tastic evening of gowns, tuxedos, and prom royalty?! Break out your prom dresses and tuxedos, Gleeks! It's going to be a night to remember!

With Prom fast approaching, everyone is preparing in their own way - Puck talks his campaign for King with Lauren as his queen with Jacob, who insinuates Lauren wears the pants in the relationship. Meanwhile, Principal Figgins calls Will and Sue to his office to ask Will if the Glee Club will perform at Prom due to the lost of his beloved Air Supply. The talk of prom and dates gets to Mercedes, who storms out of Glee rehearsal and admits to Rachel that all she's ever wanted is the dream prom. Kurt asks Blaine to Prom, and despite some horrible memories of a previous dance experience, Blaine accepts.  Mercedes and Rachel propose a trip-date situation to Sam, who seemingly agrees to the arrangement.

Kurt is brought in by Tina, Santana, Lauren, and Brittany to judge their dresses for the big night, during which, Kurt reveals he's taking Blaine to prom, prompting Santana to off the Bully Whips as security. Rachel is preparing "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele for Prom, when Jesse St. James blows back into her life, making this solo a reunion duet. Jesse and Rachel catch up, during which Jesse apologizes for what he did to Rachel, and seemingly asks Rachel to prom.

Finn confronts Rachel on what happened with Jesse, which prompts Rachel to tell him to simply mind his own business, since she is not his girlfriend. Santana and Karofsky make good on Santana's promise and keep Kurt protected in the hallways, despite Kurt not being completely thrilled by the idea. Artie, in an attempt to win Brittany back, serenades her with "Isn't She Lovely" - only to be shot down. Kurt presents his prom outfit to Burt, Blaine, and Finn - only to have both Burt and Blaine agree that it's a bit too much, causing Kurt to get sassy and tell Blaine - if he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to go.

Karofsky apologizes to Kurt once more, this time in a much more sincere way, allowing what he did get to him, to which Kurt accepts his apology. Prom has arrived, and Quinn is prepared to claim the crown with Finn at her side - both looking sparkling in blue. Jesse, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam dine at Breadstixs prior to the big event - and discuss the possibility of Jesse opening a dance studio and helping New Directions compete against Vocal Adrenaline. Finn and Quinn arrive, and so does some tension, which is quickly defused by Mercedes to focus on the night ahead. Once at Prom, Puck, Sam, and Artie perform "Friday" by Rebecca Black to get the room excited and begin the partying, partying, yeah!

Rachel performs "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perry as the couples's slow dance, drawing the eyes of two boys - Finn and Jesse. Artie gets caught spiking the punch bowl and is taken hostage by Sue, who wants the name of who put him up to it, now. Blaine takes to the stage and performs, but the action of the floor turns violent as Finn confronts Jesse, getting both of them ejected from the Prom. The results for Prom King and Queen leave everyone stunned as Karofsky is named King, with Kurt being the write-in for Queen. The tension fills the room and Kurt storms out with Blaine not too far behind him.

Santana, Kurt, and Quinn react to the bombshell Queen results - Kurt in tears over the joke of it all, Santana angered and confused by her loss, and Quinn angry with Rachel - resulting in Quinn slapping her. Kurt stands up and accepts his crown, only have Karofsky back out of the traditional dance, but King Blaine is there to accept the throne for his queen. Santana and Mercedes close out Prom with "Dancing Queen" by ABBA - ending a night many will never forget.

What a night, Gleeks. I'm sure no one will be forgetting this prom anytime soon. Next week - Nationals are on the horizon - and it's all coming down to the wire. To New York or Bust, Gleeks! Until next week!


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