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Exclusive Podcast: Broadway's Backbone with Hernando Umana

BroadwayWorld is excited to bring you new episodes of Broadway's Backbone- apodcast dedicated to the men and woman of the ensemble: the chorus of dancers, singers, and actors that are the foundation of every Broadway musical. These often-unsung gypsies are the hardest working people on the boards and are Broadway's backbone.

Each episode features an interview with a Broadway vet, in which they speak about their life, career and dreams, and the topics that aren't always shared. The life of a gypsy maybe full of passion, but not always filled with glamour. Each guest shares intimate details about their journey. There is no mud slinging, but expect a little dirt. The podcast is in honor of the folks of the ensemble and the people who plan to be them.

Broadway's Backbone Pride episode with Broadway's Hernando Umana. In this special episode, Hernando talks about how he disclosed his HIV status on Instagram and learned the hard way that what you put out on the internet no longer belongs to you. With Kinky Boots and School of Rock under his belt, his newest passions are helping to eradicate the stigma of HIV and educate the benefits of CBD, especially in dogs. Hernando feels blessed to be in 2019, where he can kiss whoever he wants. He knows those men who had to suffer and watch their friends suffer would give anything to be where we are right now. "They're the reason I can kiss whoever I want. I am grateful to them and science."

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