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BWW JR: Dear Edwina

BWW JR: Dear Edwina



BWW JR: Dear EdwinaIf you are like most parents, you love your kids to death but that doesn't stop you from cringing every time your seven-year-old fails to say "Thank you"  or your two-year-old insists on greeting guests with his finger jammed up his nose.  Not that those things have EVER happened in my house.  This is purely rhetorical.  But you know, if anything like that HAD ever happened, I would probably be very appreciative of the lessons taught by the adorable neighborhood playgroup that sings and dances their way through DEAR EDWINA, now playing its third annual holiday run at the DR2 through February 25.

If I were a parent who had kids that occasionally displayed a tiny breech in etiquette or lapse of common sense, I might find a performance of DEAR EDWINA to be very rewarding.  And if I were a parent who prefers children's theatre that is entertaining not only for kids but also adults, I would again be very happy to have a ticket to DEAR EDWINA.  Of course, my kids are perfect and I write a children's theatre column and find every single moment of every show profoundly amusing so none of these points apply to me. 

Still, I was impressed with how enthralled my daughter became as the cast used humor and catchy tunes to address issues like saying "No thank you", being a good guest, setting the table and making others feel welcome.  All challenging, pet-peeve issues for most of the parents I know, and I was personally very happy to see it all addressed in such an accessible and enjoyable way.  (Not that my seven-year-old is ever anything other than a princess of fine etiquette and a queen of common sense).

Speaking of common sense, my daughter agreed with me that the show is probably best for kids ages 4 through 12, but an older or younger sibling would also have a blast.  The show runs around an hour, so it's completely doable for anyone who has crossed over to this side of the terrible two's (note, I did not bring my two-year-old son to performance and feel this was a wise choice).


BWW JR: Dear EdwinaMy seven-year-old may not have realized it, but the choreography in this show is a huge part of the story-telling.  The movement in DEAR EDWINA is a key component of the comedy, often providing a punch line or set-up where words and lyrics do not.  I loved that my daughter was able to witness humor in dance, and that the creators never let the choreography lax "just because it's a kids' show".

At the end of the show, my daughter proclaimed it "As good as Freckleface Strawberry" which is like, the best compliment ever. 


  • Best for 4-12 year olds.
  • Runs about an hour.
  • A funny, contemporary musical about a group of kids who sing and dance their way through good advice that no parent could object to.
  • Tickets are $39.00 and are available on, by calling 212-239-6200, or in person at the DR2 Theatre box office (103 East 15th Street).
  • For more info including show schedule and details about throwing a DEAR EDWINA birthday party, visit
  • Great lessons for children about manners and common sense. Not for YOUR kids of course.....OTHER people's kids.

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