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BWW Blog: Working to Christmas

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It has been over 200 days since I was sent home from res. 

BWW Blog: Working to Christmas

Ever since we got sent home and started online learning, it has been nothing but work for seven months, with the occasional five-day break given to us before the next term or semester began. Thank goodness it is November because come December, I will be off until March and I cannot wait.

But is it just me or whenever you reach that final stretch of work, and the holidays are so close but oh so far, you find it very difficult to stay focused and motivated to push out that last stack of work. Because wow, I am struggling!

There are just so many things I am looking forward to.

I cannot wait to be able to sleep and not have the stress and anxiety of an assignment looming over me.

I cannot wait to be able to indulge in all the Hallmark, Netflix and Lifetime Christmas movies that I have been dying to watch but have not had the time to.

Along with the Christmas movies, I am so excited to be able to watch series again without being stressed or distracted.

And can I just say One Royal Holiday has been so hard to stay away from. I want to be able to watch that movie without any worries on my mind and I am just waiting for the first of December to arrive so I can finally watch Aaron Tveit and Laura Osnes.

But since one of my favourite things to do when procrastinating is creating new playlists.

One of which includes my 'End of Year' playlist. This playlist I start in November and it consists of my favourite songs that I have listened to throughout the year with the addition of my favourite Christmas carols and songs. Lucky for me, November is the time new Christmas albums are released. Those albums get a one-way ticket into my 'End of Year' playlist.

Have you guys listened to Leslie Odom Jr.'s new Christmas album?


Hands down, favourite track from that album, his duet with Cynthia Erivo, called Winter Song.


My favourite contesters for Christmas Albums are Pentatonix, I love their Christmas Albums, they're so festive and full of the spirit of Christmas.

And of course, what would Christmas be without Broadway's Carols for a Cure. A South African Christmas, unfortunately. I have loved Carols for a Cure for as long as I can remember but unfortunately it seems the albums are quickly becoming inaccessible to me. But enough Scroogeness!

Like I said earlier, I am really excited to watch the always predictable but forever lovable, cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. I know Netflix and Lifetime also make movies and I watch all of them but let's be honest, the BEST Christmas movies come from Hallmark.

Thanks to Hallmark, we have a wonderful Christmas song by Laura Osnes and Aaron Tveit, which really poses no meaning to me, since it doesn't snow here let alone during our Summer Christmas but when I say that I wept when I watched that Exclusive from ET. I mean I could end the drought with my tears. WOW! Someone said beautiful.

Because of One Royal Holiday, it is now in my head that Aaron has always wanted to make a Christmas album and oh my goodness, guys!

Do you know how many Christmas songs and carols I have waiting for Aaron to sing?

All of them, I have all of them.

But seriously just imagine Aaron Tveit singing I'll Be Home for Christmas!


It has been a really challenging and tedious year and it's not over yet. But it is very close to the curtain call, you guys!

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