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BWW Blog: Stress About Post-Graduation

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BWW Blog: Stress About Post-Graduation
Sometimes all you need is a good hug
from your mom to stop that
"almost graduating" anxiety from taking over

The next time I register for classes will be the last time I register for classes below senior-standing. That is a very scary thing to think about, and something I definitely did not need to realize right before tech week of the show I'm working on right now. Since I started college, I've heard time and time again how my major isn't practical, how I should be focusing on something in Math or Science (two areas of academia I struggle in profusely, by the way), and how I'm never going to make money doing theatre and writing. Naturally, this makes approaching graduation a scary feat.

However, I have a few very important things going for me that work to soothe that nagging voice brought on by those who aren't on board with my chosen career. The first is that my parents are incredibly supportive and wonderful people who not only get that pursuing something creative and in liberal arts is what makes most sense for me, but also have always encouraged me to prioritize passion over profit. There's nothing wrong with wanting to make money, but personally, I would rather be happy in a career I don't make a huge salary in, than be rich in a career I hated. It's nice to have family who understand and encourage that.

I also get support from pretty incredible professors in my life. There are a chosen few that I feel I can talk to about my stresses and trust them to tell me the truth about whether or not I should be worried. Faculty resources are so important, because these are the people who did it--who got the qualifications and excelled. That's not to say they're all flawless, or that one opinion is the be-all-end-all opinion, but to hear from people who do very well in my fields is comforting. They can tell me there's not a problem where I'm creating one, or if there is one, they can help me address it.

Finally, I have time. There is still time to apply for internships, shows yet to be worked on, and learning experiences left to have. All of those things are ahead of me, not behind me, and who knows? In 10 years, I could be looking back on this article feeling proud that I got there, or with a plan to get there, or in a different field entirely, and all of those things would be ok and exciting. I've got an open mind.

If you're in the same boat, a more creative career and finishing up at school, I encourage you to rely on your support system of loved ones and teachers, and to remember that the future is a long time, and you don't need to have everything figured out by the time you're 23. Some people might get a head start, and that's great, but life is hills and valleys for everyone. Take your time, do your best, and you will be just fine.

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