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BWW Blog: Return from Americus, Georgia

BWW Blog: Return from Americus, Georgia

After writing my previous post, I finished a wonderful week at KCACTF! My friend and fellow freshman Kelley, as well as my lovely dance tutor Alexa made it to the final six in the Musical Theatre Initiative, which meant that they got to perform at the closing night Gala in front of all the festival attendees. They both were exceptional, it was inspiring to see my friends killing it on such a big stage. Honestly, the joy I felt seeing them succeed was so much like the feeling I get when I perform that it only reinforced my desire to eventually teach theatre. The entire trip was great just for the purpose of getting a break away from campus and taking some time to relax and enjoy good theatre with friends. We returned to Western Carolina around noon on Sunday, and surprisingly, I wasn't as behind on work as I had anticipated (yay!). There was a Philosophy test on Tuesday that I had missed two lectures for, but one of the two was based on the TV show "Sex in the City", which I've watched all the way through multiple times, so I wasn't terribly concerned.

Unluckily, the change in climates seemed to have affected either my allergies or gotten me infected with something, because Sunday through now I've had a sore throat and some congestion, which meant I had to cancel this week's voice lesson. This stresses me out because I love my voice teacher, and I felt bad for missing, but she assured me that it's better to rest than to over do it and prolong the sickness. This is something I need to work on overall: not overdoing it. On the positive end, on Monday afternoon as I awoke from a post music theory nap, I received a text from Marthaluz, who informed me that since she hurt her ankle, the Tap 1 class needed a new assistant teacher to demonstrate, and that Ashlee had brought up my name. I'm currently in Tap 2, so it shouldn't be terribly difficult, and I start tomorrow! We'll see how that goes! Heidi Turlington, who teaches Tap 1 this semester, also happens to be my Health and Wellness professor! I'm super pumped to dance more, because not only is it good for my training, but it's also keeping me healthy.

This week has been very scattered, so on a completely different note, my high school's winter musical, Avenue Q, runs from Thursday to Saturday, and it's quite strange not being there. There are a lot of growing pains right now, maybe it's being sick away from home, or the separation from something that was such a huge part of my life. Watching everyone do the group pump up on Snapchat and hearing things from friends who are involved in the production just makes me confused because it still feels like I'm supposed to be there. I'm getting used to it here, and most certainly love it, but it's weird that all of that is going on at home and it has nothing to do with me anymore. This took a sad turn, but I'm sure it'll get easier with time. See you next week!

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