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BWW Blog: It's A New Year

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Resolutions. Plans. Discoveries. These are what people think of when a new year begins BWW Blog: It's A New Yearand I'm no exception. When a new year comes around, we want nothing more than to improve our lives through fitness, eating healthier, and getting more sleep, among the many mental changes we want to strive towards. However, I believe one of the most overlooked resolutions is seeing more theatre.

Not everyone can afford a trip to New York City or to a West End show and that's alright. There is so much theatre around you in your community that's waiting to be explored and appreciated. There's these nooks and crannies in different areas of your town waiting to be discovered, you just have to take a chance. Nothing is more fulfilling then seeing a play or a musical. You learn a great amount from seeing people put on a show. You have a few hours to escape whatever you're dealing with in your own life. It is a mental retreat that is full of heart and soul that often makes you feel better coming out of.

I've already written a blog post about theatre that often goes unlooked and underappreciated that surrounds people in their communities, so this time I wanted to share some of the experiences and events I'm looking forward to in this new year.

1. Hadestown

Hadestown may have come out last year, but just like many others, I've yet to see this incredible show. What I truly love about Hadestown is that it is something special and has its own unique sound. It's not an adaptation based on a beloved property. It is a breath of fresh air and explores Greek mythology in an interesting new way with a wonderful score. There's a reason it won the Tony for best musical.

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

I have nothing against movie adaptations, I love some of them just as much as my favorite original musicals and Mrs. Doubtfire is the one I'm dying to see this year. The movie is one of the most beloved in my mind and is near to my heart like it is for so many others. I believe Rob McClure is the perfect choice to play the disguised nanny and from early reviews, I hear this musical has a lot of wit and charm. Just like Tootsie, I'm eagerly waiting to see how they take this classic and make it something new.

3. The Music Man

I don't think I will get a chance to snag some tickets to see this show in New York, but I'm still excited for the return to Broadway for Hugh Jackman. Having seen him live in the past year I can guarantee this show will be a hit. His passion for theatre is clearly evident and I can't wait for his return. Having a successful actor that is as widely known as Hugh Jackman in a Broadway show is great not just for sales but for the introduction for many people to theatre, especially young fans.

4. Plaza Suite

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, sign me up! I've never seen this classic Neil Simon play, but I've heard great things and I'm sure these two will breathe new life into it by playing three different couples. It only has a seventeen-week limited run on Broadway, and I hope I can make it to one of those weeks to see how they reinvent a classic.

5. The Museum of Broadway

This isn't a play or a musical, but I thought I should add it to the list. Scheduled to open in the spring of this year until the end of December, The Museum of Broadway will host a collection of Broadway props, costumes, and more for all the obsessed theatre fans around the world right in the heart of the theatre district in New York. I'm dying to check this museum out, and while there's been little news about it so far or any pictures, I am eager for more information.

6. Plays

I want to see more plays, whether they be on a Broadway stage or in a community theatre. I love musicals, who doesn't? Though, as I've gotten older, I've found a love for plays like no other. There's something so raw and honest about the plays I've seen, and the page tells it all. I want to see new pieces and classics alike. Just to consume theatre is a treat in my eyes and I wish more people could see it that way. You don't have to go to Broadway to find something incredible.

My goals that I encourage the readers to keep in mind are these: consume more theatre, read more plays, practice your craft, take lessons, explore your community, and broaden your mind towards the possibilities around you. Don't give up and continue to be open, because the world is full of so many surprises. I hope you all have a wonderful 2020 that's filled with as much theatre as you can cram into it.

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