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BWW Blog: Coming Home for the Holidays

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BWW Blog: Coming Home for the Holidays

One of the strangest things about moving to college, provided that you aren't still living at home, is getting used to being away from home. I personally didn't have a hard time adjusting to being away from my family even though I was over 2,000 miles away, but it was incredibly weird. To me it felt freeing, I was finally able to make my own decisions almost completely, which was so cool! I could have ginger ale, goldfish crackers, and marshmallows for dinner if I wanted! Of course I missed my family a little bit, but mostly it turned out to be really great for me. Me moving away was probably the best thing that could have happened to my relationship with my family. I love them, we have a better relationship than a lot of families I know, but sometimes it just felt stifling in the house. I sometimes felt overly criticized, and I would fight with my parents maybe once a week or so. But when I moved, those feelings of stress went away. Of course there will always be expectations imposed on you, but it's much easier from a distance. Now, when I come home everything is a lot better and since I see my parents and siblings only 4-6 weeks a year split up into two trips, we have a good time the majority of the time instead of half the time or less. Of course, some people have a harder time moving away than I did. I can understand why, if you have a really good relationship with your family having to adjust to not having them around is a challenge!

There really is such a weird feeling that you get when you go home for the first time after leaving for school. I've been in college for enough years that it doesn't feel too strange anymore, but I remember my freshman year winter break. It honestly felt to me like the past few months had just been a dream or something and nothing had actually changed in my life. But, of course, many things have changed and it's just hard to reconcile the differences between the old and the new. Honestly, though? Being home is great. Sure, you might miss parts of your college life. But, you'll be back to all those soon! In the meantime you get to see your pets, your old friends, visit your favorite old restaurants and other points of interest. If you go back to a suburban/rural area from a city, maybe you'll enjoy driving again, or biking again. And the best part is that in most cases you won't have to buy your own food! That's my personal favorite part, along with seeing my best friends who still live in the area and getting to hang out with my dog.

If you're having problems being away from your family, don't fret- I promise it gets easier! Transitioning into adulthood is an interesting experience for sure and can definitely take some getting used to but it becomes a lot less of a challenge as time goes on and you adapt. I also want to say that if you don't like your family and don't miss them and are glad to be away from them, you are very valid too and I'm happy for you that you get to live away from them! And, if you're in college but still living with your family that is also super valid! That's an excellent way to save money and I admire your willingness to remain in the same place!

Regardless of your relationship with your family, congrats on surviving a semester at college, whether it be your first or your seventh!

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