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BWW Blog: Bea's NYCC Speed Interviews - Joe St. Pierre, Marvel & DC Comics Artist


Welcome to Bea's NYCC Speed Interview Series!

BWW Blog: Bea's NYCC Speed Interviews - Joe St. Pierre, Marvel & DC Comics Artist
The New Zodiax.
(Image courtesy of Joe St. Pierre.)

Welcome to Bea's NYCC Speed Interview Series! As I attended New York Comic Con 2021 (October 7-10, 2021), I did a series of short interviews with influential creators. For issue #7, here's a speed interview with comic artist Joe St. Pierre. Works include Marvel (Most Spider-Man #1 comics, Venom) and DC (Aquaman) as well as his own works, the Fabien Cousteau Expeditions and The New Zodiax.

BM: Tell me about how you got into comics.

JSP: Well, we have to go back to when I was five or six years old in Kindergarten, and my grandmother used to bring us comics when she visited the house; then I saw Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, and I got hooked! That's the short answer.

BM: Do you have a favorite superhero and why?

JSP: Besides my own characters, I gotta go with Spider-Man! He was a favorite ever since I was a child, and when I saw him I knew what I had to do with my life: I had to draw Spider-Man, I had to draw comics.

BM: What does art mean to you?

JSP: That's so esoteric! For me, it's just what I do for a living, I suppose. It's craft. It pays my rent. It's business. A little of everything. What is art for you?

BM: No one ever asks me questions!

JSP: Well, you're asking everyone else!

BM: Art makes people realize we're all going through it together!

JSP: Without art, we're certainly worthless. Everyone has the creative instinct and I think some people pursue it for a living. And they have the destructive instinct in them as well. The two instincts kind of balance each other. I think we need more creativity. That's art, right? That's why we're here.

BM: Tell me the story of when you found out that you were going to be the artist for the Spider-Man issues.

JSP: There were a lot of bowel movements involved in my pants, if I remember right.

BM: Tell me about your most recent projects.

JSP: One is the young readers series called the Fabien Cousteau Expeditions. It's about the world famous aquanaut Fabien Cousteau and how he takes his team of young explorers out to different locations and they encounter animals and wildlife indigent to the location that they're going to. Then, my favorite - pride and joy - is my own personal Universe of characters, The New Zodiax. It's about twelve characters that can channel the cosmic energies of the Zodiax. There's a hacker, a woman who can communicate with ghosts, giant monster, and a guy who's been buried for 3000 years.

BM: Sum up The New Zodiax in one sentence.

JSP: An epic historical adventure!

Find Joe on Twitter (@Joe_StPierre), Facebook (here), Tumblr (here), Instagram (here), and (here). Get your copies of the Fabien Cousteau Expeditions series here and The New Zodiax here.

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