Musical Work of Velasquez & Perez Banega Performed Through July 27

Musical Work of Velasquez & Perez Banega Performed Through July 27

THE BUTCHER- Musical work of Pedro Velasquez and Carlos Perez Banega with 50 artists on the scene and Live Band FAREWELL 27 JULY 

Rodrigo Pedreira
Maia Contreras, Jessica Livorsi, Lara Kohanova, Judith Campbell, Tatiana Moon
Meme Matthew, Luke Arbues, Dolores Cano, Alejandro Poggio, Orlando Resume
Jerome Quinteros, Pilar Miori, Julieta Marcolla

Ana Clara Dalbenzio, Barby Majule, Deborah Trautman, Mica Dinolfo, Paula Tapia
Daniela Miscusi, Victoria Machta, Chechu Vargas, Juana Cardozo, Matthew Evan, Sebastian de Lellis
Contardi Nicholas, Ezekiel Corbalan, Nicholas Serraiti, Nacho Francavilla, Marco Dimonaco

Paula Diaz, Lucre Aguirre, Rocio Gutierrez, Flower Cusumano, Diego Soler, Matthew Duclos,
Fabian Mancina, Mariano Condoluci, Kevin Mansilla, Hernan Felipe, Laura Vivas

Keyboards: Andrew Ferrari
Battery: Martin Freiberg
Guitar: Matthias Maya
Low: Ariel Cortina, Frederick Schmidt

Choral arrangements: Matias Ibarra
Instrumentation: The Band
Choreography: Sekou Faillace
Choreographer repositora 2012: Marysol Del Carpio
Asistentencia choreography: Barby Majule, Mica Dinolfo
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Adriana Cuellar
Acting Band Address: Andrew Ferrari
Choir attendance: Maia Contreras, Pilar Miori
Lighting Design and Photography: Diego Saggiorato
Costume Design and Victoria Wallace
Attending and making costumes 2012: Studio Saldivia-Spiridione
Makeup Design: Luciana Reche
Making logo: Franco Silvani
Graphic Design: Daro Marques
Executive producer and Commercial: Diane Marini, Diego Saggiorato
Production Assistant: Kevin Mansilla
Press: Communication Ayni
Original Music and Musical Director: Carlos Perez Banega
Book, Literature and General Direction: Pedro Velazquez

A "butcher" is the person who treats another person as a mere piece of meat.
Franco is a butcher. In the draw of "The chance chanta" luck will crown the butcher of the year, giving you the chance to reverse their mistakes. Franco wins. But its nature invites you to escape, evade, put off until tomorrow what you have to solve and, of course, does not accept the prize. "Walking and erase what he left behind" is his motto, but not be able to escape from "The chance chanta" and in the blink of an eye is going to be immersed in an ecosystem red, acid and lunatic who is going to forced to confront and clean the mess of carnage. The frozen beef takes revenge.

Promotional Trailer:

Pedro Velazquez:
Trained as an actor at the Theatre School in La Plata and teachers as Julio Chavez, Ruben Miguel Viani and Cavia. Graduated from the Musical Comedy career in the School of Julio Bocca - Ricky Pashkus. He studied music at the Conservatorio Gilardo Gilardi. Currently studying "Arts" at the UBA and continues to train in singing and dance (jazz, tap, ballet) with different teachers. He worked in musical "CHICAGO, THE MUSICAL" at the Teatro Lola Membrives, "Hairspray" Teatro Astral, "PINGO ARGENTINO" and "FORGET ME BEFORE" by Enrique in the Teatro Maipo Pinti, "KING CRIMSON, THE FAMILY"; " THE PARKA "and" THE RABBIT "directed by Diego Koran," SOLSTICE "Samantha Lewin and" The Shoemaker's Prodigious "FG Lorca directed by Carolina Papaleo.

Text also works as "Nietzsche EXPERIMENT" by Andrea Bértola based on "Steppenwolf" by Herman Hesse, "Oedipus Rex" adaptation of Sophocles' tragedy, "DREAM OF A SUMMER NIGHT" directed by Clara Vedoya, among other . In 2010 he premiered "BITCH THAT BARK TO THE MOON" and address of his own, considered by the newspaper The Nation as one of the top ten plays presented by the billboard Buenos Aires in that year as in 2011 happened to "THE CARNAGE ', a work that premiered at the Teatro The Cube (Book, Lyrics and DG). He works as a teacher in the disciplines theater, song and dance .. His future projects: "the greengrocer" (Author / Director), "GATA SLEEPING IN THE SUN" (Author / Director) and "SUPERIOR VENA CAVA" (Author / Director).

Carlos Perez Banega:
For three years, was formed in action in the Fine Arts Institute and is now Quilmes Marcelo Savignone. Has been studying with his teacher James Sirur six years of opera singing.
Jazz dance teachers and Karina Bianchini, Manuel Vallejo, Andrea Rossi, David Señoran, Gustavo Carrizo, Analia Gonzales. Contemporary with Sergio Berto. Tap with Rodrigo Cristofaro He studied classical guitar and popular. Within its broad and eclectic experience as a performer are his stints as ambassador, and assembly Character in the "Arabian Nights" for 2004 season Cibrian-Mahler and Opera Theater National Tour; Mnester Character in "Caligula," a new musical "Cibrian-Mahler 2005 season, and the Globe theaters Premier and national tour; Variette Sebastian Terragni. Collette space; Interventions theater with the cast "URBAN SHOCK". As a dancer, "UGLY DUCKLING" Channel 13. Ideas from the south and play 2007 season Teatro Gran Rex. It was part of the stable of "PINGO ARGENTINO" Enrique Pinti and Ricky Pashkus, and Cast "MAIPO MAGAZINE" Maipo theater 2008. It was Victor Von Frankenstein in "Young Frankenstein" Astral Theater 2009. Cover Cast and Beast in "Beauty and the Beast" Opera Theater 2010. Cast and Amos Cover of "CHICAGO, THE MUSICAL" Lola Membrives theater. He starred in "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE ..." at the Teatro The Cube and is responsible for the original score and musical direction of "THE BUTCHER". Now part of "MICHAEL, THE MUSIC OF AMERICA" in the Premier Theater.

The Carnage
Friday 21 pm
Margarita Xirgu, Chacabuco 875
Phone / Fax: 4300-8817 / 4307-0066
Or through
Orchestra $ 100, $ 120 low Boxes, Boxes means $ 90, $ 80 senior Boxes, Boxes high side $ 70
Duration of work: 90 min.


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