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Review: ADELAIDE FRINGE 2016: DR WHO'S MIDNIGHT Recreates The Television Episode

Reviewed by Christine Pyman, Friday 12th February 2016

Dr Who's Midnight is a stage adaptation of an episode from the long-running British science fiction show, Doctor Who. This play is based on a tenth doctor story, by Russell T Davies, which works well as a stage drama.

An intended joy trip quickly turns into a drama-filled nightmare, with the Doctor trapped in a sealed transport unit with seven human tourists.

Tension quickly escalates, and panic causes a descent into mob rule. The Doctor is in danger, can he and the others survive?

Samantha Blackmore, as Sky Silvestri, had the most challenging part of the show and performed it to perfection. Her relish as the possessed business woman was evident, and chilling to witness. Hugh O'Connor, as David Tennant's Doctor, had the characteristics and mannerisms down pat, whilst the rest of the cast were accurate and convincing in their portrayals of the original characters. The group worked excellently together, bouncing the dialog from one to another, with each cast member having an essential part to play in the whole story.

Attention to detail was evident, from the opening music for this episode, through costuming, traditional Doctor Who wobbly props, to character mannerisms, and a sonic screwdriver, of course.

This challenging play, which was written as a television screenplay, and never expected to be played live, is an exceptionally difficult piece to perform. The syncing of actors speech, which is a key part of the drama, was done in such a way to heighten the already increasing drama of the piece. A psychological science fiction thriller, very scary, and very well done, this should be experienced by all drama fans, and especially Doctor Who fans.

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