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Legally Blonde at Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Started By: LindaSmyth
069228/11/15 1:30am
Stephen Sondheim
Started By: FutureFiyero2
22,89327/11/15 7:46pm
Bob Smith2
I LOVE YOU BECAUSE at the London Theatre Workshop
Started By: lozbloke
22,22326/11/15 7:19am
Marguerite Question
Started By: CATSNYrevival
41,22425/11/15 5:05am
Apparently Aladdin is confirmed for West End
Started By: Jabere
145,93224/11/15 10:08pm
GIGGIN4GOOD Best Of British Musicals concert at Actors' Church, Sunday Nov 15
Started By: bob8rich
11,66423/11/15 3:57pm
Close To You
Started By: brdway411
54,32623/11/15 9:22am
New York Theatre State Of Mind
Started By: bob8rich
53,73422/11/15 6:10pm
I WASN'T THINKING AT ALL concert of new writing at the Pheasantry
Started By: bob8rich
65,97722/11/15 5:41pm
American Idiot UK tour.
Started By: sam31
041322/11/15 5:29pm
Imelda Staunton Gypsy
Started By: Showface
88100,83822/11/15 5:02pm
School of Rock
Started By: sam31
376322/11/15 4:52pm
Funny Girl Previews post them here
Started By: FunnyGirl5
52,85422/11/15 9:21am
Going with an american tour group to west end
Started By: Fiyero13
96,11421/11/15 3:18pm
Mister Matt
Funny Girl Sold Out
Started By: lotiloti
2415,66120/11/15 3:40am
Kink Boots London
Started By: Annetteiago
1117,49715/11/15 10:19pm
Mary Poppins Tour 2015
Started By: nightnic001
12,8267/11/15 9:55am
Piaf @ Bridewell
Started By: Jabe
23,1001/11/15 5:31am
Playbills and West End Books for sale
Started By: Kryslet
01,37331/10/15 7:16pm
Specifical West End Shows I Should Know
Started By: sephyr
11,83931/10/15 6:29pm
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Started By: phantom phan2
01,57930/10/15 9:48pm
phantom phan2
Harry Potter 2016
Started By: lotiloti
1512,47230/10/15 11:01am
What ever happened to Nikki Snelson
Started By: FBay
14,47727/10/15 6:43am
New studio recording of title song from the musical SHADOW ON THE SUN
Started By: bob8rich
22,46227/10/15 5:16am
Rocky Horror Live
Started By: lotiloti
01,75224/10/15 8:05am
First Visit
Started By: asmith0307
31,43424/10/15 5:54am
Mack and Mabel???
Started By: Jmclark
32,69421/10/15 10:18am
Great review for Noises Off; 6 performances left
Started By: Sedos
11,79620/10/15 11:28am
War Horse closing notice
Started By: lotiloti
13,96717/10/15 11:32pm
London Show Help
Started By: yankeefan7
92,74017/10/15 11:30pm
The Girls (Calendar Girls)
Started By: Scripps2
22,25116/10/15 3:09am
London Dec 14-16
Started By: decast
11,84514/10/15 8:21am
CLUB MOROCCO - Great American Songbook Musical NOW AVAIL!!!
Started By: Ashton Wolf
01,70512/10/15 8:54pm
Ashton Wolf
are these productions going to hit London
Started By: FBay
116,92512/10/15 6:17pm
Bring back Oliver Twist?
Started By: FutureFiyero2
11,9779/10/15 4:10am
Hamlet Day Tickets
Started By: oh-bwayhereicome
11,9357/10/15 10:59pm
London Friends: Check out our new web series! And a chance to win a Swag Bag
Started By: Aguti84
01,7024/10/15 9:25pm
Kinky Boots or Bend it
Started By: Iesha
12,6764/10/15 2:05pm
Martin McDonagh's Hangman
Started By: Wee Thomas2
65,0532/10/15 11:51pm
Hedwig on the West End
Started By: WickedGinger
89,6631/10/15 9:19pm
Cupid Boy2
Extra ticket to Gypsy tomorrow night
Started By: navnisinger
01,68629/9/15 11:07am
ROMANCE ROMANCE at the Landor in October
Started By: bob8rich
12,44028/9/15 11:17am
25 Things You Didn't Know About London Theatre
Started By: FromTheBoxOffice
02,42028/9/15 7:56am
The flop that is Doctor Zhivago
Started By: Musical-Matt
99,68723/9/15 4:33am
How does one audition for West End shows?
Started By: lil_parde
104,56221/9/15 4:10pm
Kinky Boots West End Reviews
Started By: FBay
54,31615/9/15 6:55pm
Is the UK tour of Dirty Rotten Soundrels worth seeing?
Started By: sam31
44,82012/9/15 1:37am
Mr Roxy
The Mousetrap - thoughts?
Started By: WickedGinger
24,46111/9/15 7:06am
Curious Incident Tickets
Started By: corthomas
12,6989/9/15 3:30pm
tick, tick...BOOM! at the Bridewell Theatre, 15-19 Sept
Started By: Sedos
12,5655/9/15 12:58pm

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