Dmitry Krymov Lab, Rara Woulib, THE ROOF, TURFED and More Set for LIFT, May-June 2014

LIFT celebrates its 20th Festival in 2014 connecting the World to London - the most culturally diverse city on the planet - and London to the World.

From the football pitches and favelas of Brazil to the shopping malls of Japan, via Haiti and Moscow, artists from across the world make astonishing work about their lives, loves, triumphs and losses - linking us together in experiences we all share but express in a thousand different ways.

Artistic Director Mark Ball invites you to 30 joyous, moving and inspiring productions from 13 countries in 15 venues across the breadth of the capital. As ever LIFT pushes the boundaries and understanding of theatre. Extraordinary global stories and intense visual and personal experiences come from dynamic new voices, linking audiences with artists in London and around the world and with productions that take place everywhere from the theatre and museum, to the street and the internet. LIFT 2014 is a passionate affair with London and Londoners - reaching out to all those who love the city and are curious about the world.

"LIFT 2014 comes at a time when the world is experiencing seismic change - in our climate, in governments and, perhaps most significantly, in ways in which we can communicate with each other. We have looked at what makes up this astonishingly vibrant and tolerant city and made it a stage on which artists with radical imaginations will conjure visions of other lands, enthralling us with stories born in the worlds from which they come. We have discovered new ideas, commissioned artists with extraordinary insight, and spread this abundance right across London from Stratford East to Brentford, and Battersea to Finchley, in spaces as diverse as the Royal Academy, the Barbican, Sadler's Wells and the streets of London. This is something not to be missed - a sparkling, surprising and sometimes shocking window into this amazing world of ours." Mark Ball, Artistic Director of LIFT

A programme of World and UK premieres include invigorating and evocative new work: Russia's Dmitry Krymov Lab, an ensemble of visual artists turned performers, builds vast poetic imagery to breathe emotional life into Soviet oppression and censorship; French company Rara Woulib transform the streets of London into a Voodoo carnival; Brazilian choreographer Bruno Beltrao, has scoured the internet for movements and gestures to create remarkable fusion of street and contemporary dance and hip hop; Swedish/British artists Lundahl and Seitl immerse us in the archives and galleries of the Royal Academy in the build up to the Summer Exhibition; Requardt & Rosenberg (Motorshow LIFT 2012) return to LIFT with The Roof - surrounding audiences with a hair-raising mix of free running, dance and sound as a reluctant hero flees across rooftops in a bid to survive; and for Turfed, in partnership with the Street Child World Cup 2014, Brazilian director Renato Rocha (The Dark Side of Love LIFT 2012) and a young cast from the UK, Tanzania, Brazil and the Philippines use their passion for football to tell true stories of homelessness.

Some of these artists work in circumstances that can be difficult or even dangerous, and LIFT gives voice to their revealing work, connecting us all with the big issues of our times.

For its festival in 2014, LIFT is also responding to the long shadow that World War 1 still casts: a war that devastated Europe, created borders that are still sources of conflict and industrialised killing on a mass scale. In response to the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1 and co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, LIFT presents After A War, curated by Mark Ball and Tim Etchells (Artistic Director, Forced Entertainment).

For After A War LIFT platforms 23 international artists and companies from the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America, reflecting on the impact and legacy of this first truly global event and on contemporary issues of war and peace. After a War is one of the key London events of the four year 14-18 NOW programme, part of IWM's First World War Centenary partnership programme.

At the Southbank Centre, Hotel Modern & Arthur Sauer from the Netherlands present The Great War using live animation and a miniature film set to breathe life into letters sent home from the trenches, and Argentinian artist Lola Arias brings performers born in Pinochet's Chile who reveal how their parents' actions during the dictatorship moulded their lives. After A War culminates in a three-day weekend programme taking over the whole of Battersea Arts Centre, where trials for London's conscientious objectors were held from 1916. Forced Entertainment's new show The Notebook tells of the moral conflict faced by twin brothers in war, based on the compelling novel by Hungary's Agora Kristof; alternative punk cabaret band The Tiger Lillies transform British First World War poetry; Stan's Cafe use thousands of dominoes to demonstrate the impact of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination; Lebanese director Lucien Bourjeily invites you to draw out new maps of the Middle East; and Croatian Vlatka Horvat, in collaboration with seven other artists, replays the history of Yugoslavia.

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