BWW Interviews: The DOGFIGHT Creators Arrive In London For Show's European Premiere!

BWW Interviews: The DOGFIGHT Creators Arrive In London For Show's European Premiere!

I'm fairly sure that after flying across the Atlantic, one might conceivably be excused for being tired.

But the trio of creatives behind Dogfight - Benj Pasek, Justin Paul and Peter Duchan - are happily sitting in the cafe at the Southwark Playhouse, cheerily chatting away before their show's official European premiere.

The three of them have not long been in London and are still in excited shock having seen the big posters with their names emblazoned across them - "surreal!" is the general consensus.

"It's a really special thing!" enthuses Paul.

"It's exciting - and trepidatious," adds Duchan.

"It's like a child hitting its 18th birthday!" says Pasek. "It's the first time we'll see it out in the world without us being involved. I can't wait!"

Dogfight, of course, is based on a film, and is a very US-centric story on the face of it - three Marines make a cruel bet on who can bring the ugliest girl to a party, the night before their deployment to Vietnam - but the themes, they believe, are universal.

"Some of it is criticising American actions or perspectives on things - I'm curious to see how that's received," says Pasek.

They've been speaking to the London creative team from the off, but otherwise their involvement has been minimal - unlike in the previous productions where they've been embroiled in the performances, biting their fingernails and fretting (Pasek freely confesses he's had to leave at the interval of press nights previously due to nerves - "I had to run away!"; and Duchan says that he's vowed to himself that he won't read any reviews and then finds himself frantically scrolling through them on his phone as soon as any are published online).

They're firmly agreed - because they're one step removed from the process, they are definitely looking forward to press night more.

"The more that I understand Danielle [Tarento, the producer], I think we really lucked out!" says Pasek.

"They've had all these amazing productions here. We're a part of this really cool theatre that does really cool work, and really cool interpretations. We're really lucky to have this wonderful team introducing our work to a British audience."

Dogfight plays at the Southwark Playhouse.

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