BWW Interviews: Jon Robyns About FROM PAGE TO STAGE Showcase!

BWW Interviews: Jon Robyns About FROM PAGE TO STAGE Showcase!
Hi Jon! Tell us a bit about the shows you're showcasing next week.
The shows that we're presenting at the new writing season are Dancing Shadows, a pop/modern musical theatre style of show, based on an Eastern fable of love and mysticism; Beowulf in Soho, a futuristic electro-heavy metal score coupled with a retelling of the legend of Beowulf; and Van Winkle, a folk musical based on the classic American novel Rip Van Winkle - three very different shows in three very different styles, all chosen to juxtapose each other and showcase the depth and diversity of writing talent that we have in this country.
What's your favourite song?
I would have to say that my favourite song from the showcase is "Susana" from Van Winkle. I'm playing the title role in that presentation and when Van Winkle returns home to find his family gone, he finds his daughter's doll, Susana, and realises how much he misses them. It's a lovely moment and great tune.
You've been doing a bit of cabaret lately - is that something you want to do more of?
I love doing cabaret once I'm out there. It's always a slightly daunting task as you have to present YOU. Usually, I get to hide behind someone else's words, ideas or character. I am hoping to do more cabaret this year. I'm a shameless self publicist via social networks so if I do any more, I'm sure you won't be able to miss me promoting it.
What's next for you?
2014 is looking very exciting at the moment. Can't reveal too much, but I've got a few gigs towards the end of the year that are gonna be a lot of fun. In the more immediate future, I'm performing with "West End Recast" at the Duke of York's Theatre, London on 16th March. That one should be unmissable.
Are you planning to see any of the new productions of Avenue Q?
I'm not currently due to see any of the Avenue Q revivals I've seen planned, though I'd love to. But, I'll be joining up with the Original London cast of Avenue Q for a one off charity concert in aid of Disasters Emergency Committee at the Queens Theatre on March 2nd. Anarchy can't be too far away.
Jon Robyns performs in the From Page to Stage showcase at the Landor Theatre from 25 to 27 February.

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