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EDINBURGH 2011: BWW Reviews: DORIS DAY CAN F**K OFF, Zoo Southside, Aug 12 2011

August 16
6:41 PM 2011


For six weeks Greg McLaren sought to communicate with strangers in a number of different UK cities, but only through song. Hiding a voice recorder on him to capture the interactions, he then incorporates technology in his show to create something lyrical, rhythmic and rather interesting out of these seemingly mundane interactions, with a traffic warden for example.

The result is Doris Day Can F**k Off. I'll be honest - you shouldn't go in expecting it to be a purely humorous adventure in which the world joins in with a man trying to create a real-time musical. At times experiencing his interactions with people who often weren't willing to engage was a little uncomfortable (and it's for this reason why this show won't be for everybody). But part of the point of the piece is to highlight people's knee-jerk reactions to someone approaching them and doing something a bit 'weird', and it's interesting to see who engages with McLaren and who refuses.

A thought-provoking piece on communication, language and the habits we've formed in regards to both. Just go into it with the right expectations.

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