Glen Street Theatre Presents GO YOUR OWN WAY, 5/27-6/1

Glen Street Theatre Presents GO YOUR OWN WAY, 5/27-6/1

On the eve of their long-awaited comeback tour, Fleetwood Mac's most famous songwriter decided she would not give in to the pleas for her to rejoin the band. Instead, Christine McVie tweeted "Sorry folks. No tour." Always an intriguing figure, McVie's uniquely independent attitude to global fame, ridiculous wealth, love and loss, personal privacy, song writing and music, is at the heart of her story.

Spanning a career of four decades, the tumultuous life of the enigmatic Christine McVie is told in 80 music-packed minutes inGo Your Own Way. Catherine Alcorn (The Divine Miss Bette) brings her own magic to some of the most memorable songs from Christine McVie's songbook, including Little Lies, Everywhere, Don't Stop and Songbird.

Go Your Own Way is a celebration of great music and one woman's life journey.

The cast includes ­­­­Catherine Alcorn, Isaac Hayward, Tamika Stanton, Nic Cecire, and Marty Haily.

The director is Jason Langley, musical director is Michael Tyack, and the musical arrangement is by Isaac Hayward.

Conceived and Produced by Catherine Alcorn. Written by Diana Simmonds.


Venue: Glen Street Theatre, corner Glen Street and Blackbutts Road, Belrose

Date: 27 May - 1 June

Performance Times: Tuesday 6.30pm, Wednesday - Saturday 8pm, Saturday 2pm and Sunday 5pm. Q&A session with the cast on Tuesday 27 May. Wine Appreciation Session from 4pm prior to the performance on Sunday 1 June

Ticket Prices: $70 - $30. Student Rush tickets just $15. Subscribe and save up to 30%.

Bookings: | or 9975 1455

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