THE HOLLOW - Kentwood Players Non Equity Auditions

Posted: February 9, 2014
Audition Location: Westchester, CA

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Kentwood Players announces auditions for
Agatha Christie THE HOLLOW
On Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23, 2014
At the Westchester Playhouse

Kentwood Players will hold auditions Agatha Christie THE HOLLOW on Saturday, March 22, 2014, from12noon-5:00pm and Sunday, March 23, from 6:00-9:30pm with callbacks on Monday, March 24 from 7:00-10:00pm at the Westchester Playhouse, located at 8301 Hindry Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045.  Production dates are May 16 to June 21, 2014 for a six-week run on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm with Sunday matinees at 2pm.  The production is directed by George Kondreck and produced by Arlene Cohen and Sheldon Cohen by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.
Agatha Christie THE HOLLOW is a 1951 play by the famed crime writer, based on her 1946 book of the same name. The action takes place in the garden room of Sir Henry Angkatell's estate, The Hollow, about eighteen miles from London. His wife Lucy has invited several people for a weekend, but when John Cristow turns up murdered, Inspector Colquhoun and Detective Sergeant Penny are called in to solve the crime. As usual, Christie throws plenty of twists and turns in the way before the murderer's identity and motive are revealed.  
Please come to the auditions prepared with headshot and resume. No advance appointment required to audition. Script sides of monologues and short scenes will be provided at the auditions. Rehearsal schedule will be posted in the lobby during the audition period, so please bring your calendar to list scheduling conflicts.  Callbacks will include additional scenes from the script and some improvisation. For further information or copies of the audition script sides, please email the director, George Kondreck, at
Cast breakdown:
Note: All characters except Veronica require a British accent.
Sir Henry Angkatell:  A distinguished-looking, elderly man who owns “The Hollow”.  He is a Knight Commander of the Bath (K.C.B.), aristocratic, without “airs”, dotes on Lucy. Age 60+
Lady Lucy Angkatell:  60, Henry’s wife, very charming, aristocratic-looking woman, completely vague, absent-minded and forgetful but gracious with a lot of personality, speaks in a stream-of-conscious manner.
Henrietta Angkatell:  33, Cousin of Henry and Lucy, a handsome young woman, intelligent, practical, sculptor, having an affair with John.
Midge Harvey:  Mid-twenties, second cousin of Lucy, delightful young woman making her own way in the world, in love (hopelessly) with Edward.
Gudgeon:  50+, butler, very proper, loyal, old school, takes great pride in running the household just so, veteran of WWI.
Edward Angkatell:  Mid-thirties inherited the family estate at Ainswick, because he’s male and Lucy isn’t. Hesitant and awkward with women, he’s in love with Henrietta.
Doris:  18 – 21, maid-in-training, lower class, trying to please, but afraid of Gudgeon.
Gerta Cristow:  30-35, wife of John, dim-witted, out-of-her element in this high society., depends on her husband for all decisions.
John Cristow, M.D. Mid-late thirties, distinguished in his field but more interested in the disease than the patient, womanizer, aloof.
Veronica Craye:  30’s, movie star, gets what she wants, falsely charming, previously engaged to John, and wants him back.
Inspector Colquhoun, C.I.D.: Mid 30’s. A thoughtful, quiet man with charm and a sense of humor. His personality is sympathetic; a good listener.

Detective Sergeant Penny: 30 – 50. A professional policeman, intelligent but more blunt that the Inspector. Has better luck questioning women than men.
For more information about Kentwood Players including our current production or upcoming auditions, and our Kentwood Kids Children’s Theatre classes and productions, please visit the Kentwood Players website at You can also find Kentwood Players information on Facebook and Twitter.
To meet the Agatha Christie THE HOLLOW production team and learn more about Kentwood Players and what goes on at the Westchester Playhouse, the public is invited to attend our general membership meetings, which are free and held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Westchester Playhouse, located two blocks west of the San Diego Freeway and two blocks north of Manchester at 8301 Hindry Avenue in Westchester, CA 90045.

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