THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Auditions

Posted: February 27, 2014

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THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE - Submit for NY Appointment

Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey|Madison, NJ

Send To
Stephen Brown-Fried for Shakespeare Thtr NJ
Devil's Disciple Casting
3 Vreeland Road
Florham Park NJ07932


LORT Non-Rep
Main Stage: $700/week

Submissions from AEA members only for these appointments.

Note: In order to be considered via this posting, the AEA member must submit him/herself directly.

NYC appointment only auditions held Friday, March 7 and Tuesday, March 11, 11am to 7pm

Other Dates
First Rehearsal: June 3, Tech Period: June 27-July 1, First Preview: July 2, Opens: July 5, Closes: July 20 with the possibility of extending through July 27

Stephen Brown-Fried, Artistic Associate and Casting Director

Email or mail (if no email access) picture and resume for consideration.
Indicate in subject line: DEVIL'S DISCIPLE / NY APPT / AEA SUBMISSION


Actors for the following roles:

Christy Dudgeon
Mrs. Dudgeon’s second son. In his early 20s. A heavy, stupid, fair-haired, and round-faced man.

Anthony Anderson
A shrewd, genial, excellent Presbyterian minister of about 50. Authoritative and professional, but sweetened by a conciliatory, sensible manner. He is a strong, healthy man, capable of making the most of this world.

Judith Anderson
The minister's wife. About 30 years old. Pretty, proper, and ladylike, she has been admired and petted into thinking favorably of herself. Even her little self-complacency is pretty, like a child's vanity. In some ways, she seems a pathetic creature, in need of protection by her husband.

Richard Dudgeon
Mrs. Dudgeon’s eldest and best-looking son. In his 30s. He is the degenerate of the family with a reckless expression, defiant manner, and carelessly dashing appearance. He is steadfast, and his eyes are the eyes of a fanatic.

Major Swindon
A pale, sandy haired, very conscientious looking man in his mid- 40s or 50s.

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