MOONLIGHT STAGE 2014 SUMMER SEASON **Updated** - Moonlight Stage Productions Auditions

Posted: March 13, 2014

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Moonlight Stage 2014 Summer Ssn - EPA (Day 1 of 3)
Moonlight Stage Productions|Vista, CA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Monday, March 24, 2014
3:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

LOA to COST-Minimum salary pending

Moonlight Amphitheatre
1200 Vale Terrace
Vista, CA 92084

Actors for 2014 summer season: Spamalot, Disney's Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, Catch Me If You Can.

Prepare in the style for the show you are auditioning for. All scores will be provided.

Other Dates
See breakdown for full details.

AEA Members: if desired appointment time is not available, include either phone number or email address & we will accommodate your request.

See breakdown for full details.

  • EPA Rules are in effect.
  • A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Visit schedule appointment. See Other for more information.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


Steven Glaudini - Producing Artistic Director/Director - My Fair Lady
Brad Bradley - Director/Choreographer - Spamalot
Lyndon Pugeda - Musical Director - Spamalot
John Vaughan - Director/Choreographer - Disney's Mary Poppins
Ken Gammie/Randi Rudolph - Musical Directors - Disney's Mary Poppins
Carlos Mendoza - Choreographer - My Fair Lady
Elan McMahan - Musical Director - My Fair Lady
Larry Raben - Director - Catch Me If You Can
Karl Warden - Choreographer - Catch Me If You Can
Elan McMahan - Musical Director - Catch Me If You Can

Spamalot - First Non-AEA: 5/10, First AEA: 5/26, Open: 6/11, Close: 6/28
Disney's Mary Poppins - First Non-AEA: 6/14, First AEA: 6/30, Open: 7/16, Close: 8/2
My Fair Lady - First Non-AEA: 7/12, First AEA: 7/28, Open: 8/13, Close: 8/30
Catch Me If You Can - First Non-AEA: 8/9, First AEA: 8/25, Open: 9/10, Close: 9/27

SIR ROBIN (30s-40s): A Knight of the Roundtable. Ironically called 'Sir Robin the Brave,' though he couldn't be more cowardly. Joins the Knights for the singing and dancing. Also plays GUARD 1 and BROTHER MAYNARD, a long-winded monk. OFFER PENDING FOR HIS ROLE.

SIR LANCELOT (30s-40): A Knight of the Roundtable. He is fearless to a bloody fault but through a twist of fate, does discover his 'softer side.' This actor MUST be great with character voices and accents, as he also plays THE FRENCH TAUNTER, an arrogant, condescending, over-the-top Frenchman, the KNIGHT OF NI, an absurd, cartoonish leader of a peculiar group of Knights, and TIM THE ENCHANTER, a ghostly being with a Scottish accent.

PATSY (30s-40s): King Arthur's horse and servant. Underappreciated but always longing for King Arthur's approval. Good, funny, physical mover with some tap dancing. Also plays MAYOR, a jolly red-faced man who advertises the merits of his home town and the drunken, useless GUARD 2.

SIR GALAHAD (30s): A Knight of the Roundtable. Begins as Dennis, a lower class 'mud gatherer' who becomes Knighted and transforms into the dashing Sir Galahad. Also plays

PRINCE HERBERT'S FATHER, a wealthy, brutish Yorkshireman man at odds with his sensitive son, THE BLACK KNIGHT who is always ready to duel despite multiple injuries. Strong bari-tenor singing required.

SIR BEDEVERE (20s-40s): A Knight of the Roundtable. An inept scholar. Also plays DENNIS

GALAHAD'S MOTHER, a shrill peasant woman, and CONCORDE, Sir Lancelot's horse. No solo singing.

THE LADY OF THE LAKE (20s-30s):A Diva. Strong, beautiful, possesses mystical powers. The leading lady of the show. Great singing voice is essential, as she must be able to sing effortlessly in many styles and vocal registers. Especially seeking actresses of all races for this role.

THE FOLLOWING ROLES ARE PLAYED BY THE SAME ACTOR (20s-30s): Tenor singing required. Very good mover. HISTORIAN: A tweedy academic. NOT DEAD FRED: A sickly little fellow who, despite others' beliefs, claims he is "not yet dead." FRENCH GUARD: The condemnatory French sidekick to the French Taunter. MINSTREL: In Sir Robin's band. PRINCE HERBERT: The hopeful and frilly prince who loves to sing and pines for his love atop a tower.

ENSEMBLE: Six men and six women. Very adept to physical humor. Must dance. Men must tap.

MARY POPPINS: Mid 20s-30. Neat and tidy, delightfully vain. Very particular and sharp. Strange and extraordinary, sometimes frightening but at the same time exciting. Practically perfect in every way. Always means exactly what she says. British accent. Mezzo soprano with a strong top. Must be able to dance well. No fear of heights and aerial flying.

BERT: 30s. Manly but warm. Inexplicably has a variety of occupations – match man, pavement painter, chimney sweep, hurdy-gurdy player. A friend of Mary Poppins, always nearby to watch the children and observe the goings on in Cherry Tree Lane. Song-and-dance man. Excellent tap dancer. Cockney accent. Baritone to G. No fear of heights.

MRS. BRILLl: 50s. The housekeeper. Always complaining that the house is understaffed. Most of the time her intimidating exterior barely masks the warmth underneath. Big, bosomy and harassed. Barks rather than speaks. Doesn't have a high opinion of nannies in general and Mary Poppins in particular. Alto.

MISS ANDREW/BIRDWOMAN: 40s-50s (who can play older). George's old nanny. Overbearing lady with a huge trumpeting voice. Beak-nosed, grim-mouthed; small, peering bespectacled eyes. A bully who only knows one way of doing things – her way. Soprano with alto belt. Birdwoman is covered in a patchwork of old shawls, her pockets are stuffed with bags of crumbs for the birds. Sings "Feed the Birds".

ROBERTSON AY: Early 20s. House boy to the Banks family. Lazy, sleepy and grumbling. Never gets things right, so believes himself to be useless. Tenor.

ADMIRAL BOOM/CHAIRMAN: One actor plays both. Boom: 50s. Retired. A man who has a loud and booming voice. Speaks in navy jargon. Baritone. Chairman: An Edwardian stuffed-shirt. Head of the bank.

ENSEMBLE: 12 men/9 women. Neleus, Mrs. Corry, Valentine, Katie Nanna, Miss Lark, Park Keeper and Policeman will be cast from Ensemble. Tap a plus.

ELIZA DOOLITTLE: To play early 20's.A cockney flower girl from Lisson Grove, Eliza works outside Covent Garden. Her potential to become “a lady” becomes the object of a bet between Higgins and Pickering. Soprano with G.

HENRY HIGGINS: A British, upper class professional bachelor, Higgins is a world-famous phonetics expert, teacher, and author of “Higgins’ Universal Alphabet.” OFFER PENDING FOR THIS ROLE

COLONEL PICKERING: 55 - 65. A retired British officer with colonial experience, Pickering is the author of “Spoken Sanskrit.”

ALFRED P. DOOLITTLE: 50 - 60. Eliza’s father, Doolittle is an elderly but vigorous dustman. Baritone with low G.

FREDDY ENYSFORD - HILL: 20's to early 30's. An upper class young man, Freddy becomes completely smitten with Eliza. Tenor with F.

MRS. PEARCE: Mezzo Soprano. Henry Higgins’ housekeeper. 50's to 60's.

ENSEMBLE: All ages above 18. 13 men/9 women. Singing and dance ensemble that will cover several roles.

FRANK ABAGNALE, JR. Our story's conniving protagonist, he is a handsome and youthful con artist. Grew up learning to disappear into another skin to avoid his problems. He eventually falls in love with Brenda and desperately tries to change his ways. Male, 20-30 yrs old Range: G2 - C5

CARL HANRATTY: An FBI agent leading the investigation and search for Frank Jr. A knowledgeable and habitual workaholic who idolizes the moment he catches his perp. Lives a private life of loneliness and depression. Male, 35-45 yrs old Range: G2 - G4

FRANK ABAGNALE, SR.: Frank Jr.'s father. He is an inspiration when it comes to swindling. Upbeat and fast-talking, he undergoes a series of progressive failures that leaves him a miserable drunk. Male, 45-65 yrs old Range: F2 - G#4

BRENDA STRONG: A young nurse and Frank Jr.'s eventual love interest. Hard-working and initially insecure, she meets Frank Jr. after running away from a wedding. Comes to trust him but his true identity clouds her feelings. Female, 20-30 yrs old Range: G3 - A5

PAULA ABAGNALE: Frank Jr.'s gorgeous mother. She met Frank Sr. in France, during the war, but has fallen out of love. Caring and loving, with an underlying resentment toward her husband and son. Female, 45-60 yrs old Range: A3 - C5

ROGER STRONG: Brenda's conservative father. He is stern and interrogatory, but reveals himself to be deeply romantic. Male, 50-60 yrs old Range: A2 - A4

CAROL STRONG: Brenda's traditional mother. She is talkative and boisterous. Female, 45-60 yrs old Range: Bb3 - A5

ENSEMBLE: Agents Dollar, Branton, and Cod, Cheryl Ann, Commuters; Assistants; Stewardesses (Mindy, Cindy, Lindy, Jane, Kellie, Shellie); Pilots; Agents; Targets; Party-Goers; Doctors; Nurses; Interns

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