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Patrick "Piano Man' Young: Arranger, Copyist, and Musical Director

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DATE POSTED: 3/21/2011
ADDRESS: 625 Washington Ave
Albany, NY

Listing Information: Arrangements and Transcriptions --- Most of my work as a musical director has been in theaters where the resources were not available to have a full orchestra, or in some cases a reduced cast, and I have been asked to come up with new arrangements to help the overall sound of the show using whatever musicians and performers that were hired in. I also have created all the arrangements and orchestrations for a new Cole Porter revue which has received the stamp of approval from the Cole Porter Trust to be licensed for production starting in the middle of 2011.

Write me an e-mail to let me know what you need done and any source materials that you have (sheet music, YouTube videos, or even just an mp3) and I can give you an estimate on the time it would take, as well as a cost. All pricing is done on a case by case basis so that the person who wants a 16 bar lead sheet is not paying the same as the person who needs a 16 bar phrase orchestrated for 25 musicians and a chorus!