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Paul Sirochman Photography

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DATE POSTED: 10/14/2012
PHONE #: 215-629-1119
ADDRESS: 338 West Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Listing Information: "A great headshot may open many doors, but what is a great headshot? It's a photo that looks like you (on your best day)- bright eyes, energy, no tension on your face, and a positive attitude.
How do you achieve this? I'll help you. That is what I'm here to do. Give me a call and let's get your career started!!!"

Ex: The Headshot Session
I shoot around 250 frames during the session, then edit them to make about 175 proofs (no sense looking at the clunkers!) Session takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
$100 make up and hair for women
$75 grooming for men