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Take Voice Lessons with Professional Opera Singer!

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DATE POSTED: 1/20/2013
ADDRESS: Chicago, IL 60654

Listing Information: Find your passion for singing! Voice lessons can help you to:??

- Build a healthy vocal technique
- Use proper breath support
- Increase your vocal range
- Learn how to project your voice
- Sing with ease and clarity
- Learn how to interpret songs
- Gain confidence
- Increase your music theory skills

Professional opera singer, Katie Leemhuis, is an experienced music instructor and professional performer, committed to providing her students with the highest caliber of vocal instruction. Her teaching background includes vocal and piano instruction in classical, musical theater, jazz, and popular music.

Katie's students learn in a relaxed and nurturing environment as she guides them toward a healthy vocal technique, while developing confidence, stage presence, and strong musical skills. Her students have successfully sung recitals and performances, have auditioned for school and college-level ensembles, and have auditioned for Broadway productions and television talent shows. Prospective students need not have prior training as Katie is experienced in teaching all levels and abilities.