STARLIGHT Media to Develop New Series 'EMPRESS' With 'Thrones' Producer Christopher Newman

STARLIGHT Media to Develop New Series 'EMPRESS' With 'Thrones' Producer Christopher NewmanSTARLIGHT Media and K.JAM Media announced today that they will develop and produce a new television series EMPRESS, with Award-Winning producer Christopher Newman (GAME OF THRONES). The series is an epic historical story centered around the only female empress in the history of China. Production is slated to begin in Sichuan China in late 2017with the first episode to air in late 2018.

EMPRESS will tell the storied tale of the only female empress in the history of ChinaEmpress Wu Zetian. Living during the Tang dynasty (618-906 AD)a time of relative freedom for womenshe was known for her wit, intelligence and humor; as well as being ruthless, cunning and a political force to be reckoned with. EMPRESS follows her ascent through the court of Emperor Tai Tsung; life as his favorite concubineand ultimately her rise to power.

Celebrating the official start to the partnership, all parties joined at an event in Los Angeles this past Saturday to ceremonially mark the beginning of the project. Attendees included Xu Yan (Chairman of STARLIGHT Media), Peter Luo (CEO of STARLIGHT Media), Beely Lee (STARLIGHT Media), Christopher Newman (Producer GAME OF THRONES) who will produce EMPRESS, and Kia Jam (CEO of K.JAM Media, Producer LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN) who will serve as Executive Producer of the series. Additional guests included Laurence Fishburne (THE MATRIX), Zhu Huilong (Senior Partner, CDH Investments Management), Andrew Lazar (Producer AMERICAN SNIPER), Chuck Russell (Director, THE MASK, THE SCORPION KING), and Ariel Qixing (China Film Corporation LTD).

Chairman Yan had the following to say about the evening: "I am very happy to announce this partnership and am looking forward to working with this excellent creative team to bring the story of the Empress Wu to a global audience." Jam added: "My partner Chris and I have already started to assemble a world class team and are thrilled to be in business with our friends at STARLIGHT Media. The story of the Empress is a story of intrigue, history and power that provides a deep storytelling well that we hope will have numerous seasons to follow."

STARLIGHT Media has committed to fully financing the serieswith $70m budgeted for the first season's 13 episodes.

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