ROCKS IN MY POCKET Reaches the Hearts of 655 Backers on Kickstarter

ROCKS IN MY POCKET Reaches the Hearts of 655 Backers on Kickstarter

An independently produced animated featureROCKS IN MY POCKET, a funny film about depression, reached it's Kickstarter goal of $42,800 in 25 days with 655 backers pledging $1 to $5,000.

"We were told no one would want to see a film about depression, that the subject matter was too grim," Signe Baumane, the film's director, said. "So it was amazing to see the outpouring of support for the project. People actually do want to see a film about depression, if the story is compelling, personal, hopeful and fun like "Rocks In My Pockets" aims to be."

Signe Baumane, a Latvian born, Brooklyn based independent animator, has been making animated films since 1991. Her 14 award winning short films have screened at Sundance, Berlinale as well as hundreds of other festivals around the world. "Rocks In My Pockets" is Signe's first feature film.

"I suffer from depression myself," Baumane said. "For me, the best medicine is humor. In this film I wanted to share my personal story with other people to give them a different perspective on their troubles, and maybe make them laugh, too. Animation is the perfect medium to make a dark subject matter more accessible, more enjoyable, while still staying truthful to the essence of it."

"Rocks In My Pockets" is based on true events involving five women of Signe's family (including herself) and their surrender to madness. Only Signe lives to tell her tale. The film spans dramatic, historic events in Latvia including the 1905 revolution, her independence in 1919, the illegal annexation by the Soviet Union in 1940, the Nazi takeover during the Second World War and the re-annexation by the Soviets. The story finally follows Signe to present day New York.