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Possible Third Spinoff of CSI in Play for CBS

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Possible Third Spinoff of CSI in Play for CBS

The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has outlasted its Miami and New York editions. But a fourth edition is in the works at spinoff-happy CBS.

The original series follows Las Vegas criminalists working for the Las Vegas Police Department as they use physical evidence to solve murders, which has inspired a host of other cop-show "procedurals". The series mixes deduction, gritty subject matter, and character-driven drama. The network later added spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, both of which were cancelled after ten and nine seasons respectively.

This time the subject is technology, as an FBI team led by Special Agent Avery Ryan tackles cybercrimes that "start in the mind, live online and play out into the real world," according to the network's description of the proposed series. The CSI team of producers, including Jerry Bruckheimer, is once again behind the project, along with Mary Aiken, whose work as a "cyberpsychologist" is said to have inspired the series.

Source - USA Today

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